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How to become a King or Queen in BitLife

How to become a King or Queen in BitLife

BitLife’s new Royal Update is officially live, so you can now find out which kind of ruler you will be. Seeing as how there’s lots of new content in the game, many people are wondering how to become a King or Queen in BitLife. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update, and how to rule 

How to become a King or Queen in BitLife

If you want to become a King or Queen in BitLife, it’s essential to pick the right birthplace. The most well-known royals hail from the United Kingdom. However, other countries include Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and UAE. 

You can randomly be born into the royal lineage if you pick one of the countries above. Otherwise, it is possible to marry into Royalty. It’s not as hard as it might sound because you can meet the Royals through dating. If you’re looking to marry into Royalty, you’ll need to be famous and go on dates. Once you gain Royal status, you can become King or Queen by Royal Succession. If you have a sibling who is heir to the throne, you can try killing them. Be careful, though, because it won’t work out if you get caught. If you’re the heir or heiress, you can try to get the king or queen killed, or wait until they die.

When you get a Royal title, you can head into the Activities tab and then into Royalty. There are many options to choose, including socializing with celebrities, relinquishing your title, executing someone, reviewing laws, causing chaos, and performing royal duties. You can also decide how others address you, such as your Excellency, Royal Highness, Grace, Highness, Majesty, and Royal Highness. 

As a Royal, you can also invite celebrities to hang out with you and do activities. Options include getting a coffee, taking breakdancing lessons, having a nerf gun fight, playing video games, watching TV, playing hide-and-seek, or riding bikes. The Royal tab’s options require you to gain respect, sort of like how fame works as a celebrity. To gain respect, you’ll need to do good deeds for the people. That’s how to become a King or Queen in Bitlife. So, how will you rule your country?

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