How to get more Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact‘s version 1.5 update brings us the new Serenitea Pot system, allowing players to create their own realms. Inside the game’s new housing system, you’ll quickly realize that crafting things takes a lot of time. There is a way to speed up the process, and that’s through the use of Vial of Adeptal Speed. You only start with ten of these, though, so where can you get more? Here’s how to get more Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact.

How to get more Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact

To obtain Vial of Adeptal Speed:

  1. Use your Serenitea Pot to enter into your realm.
  2. Speak with the Teapot Spirit, Tubby. 
  3. Open up the Realm Depot screen.
  4. Navigate to the Furnishing section.
  5. Purchase Vial of Adeptal Speed.

Inside the Realm Depot on the Furnishing screen, you’ll see Vial of Adeptal Speed is the first option. You can purchase these items for 10 Realm Currency a piece. It’s not too pricey, which is nice, considering how useful this stuff is when it comes to building your realm.

How to get more Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact - Purchase Realm Depot

Vial of Adeptal Speed allows you to skip the 14-hour furnishing crafting time requirement and make your items instantly. You have the option to use it when you create furnishings. When you craft something, and it goes into your Creation Queue, you can tap on the “Get Now” button on the bottom right. From there, you have the option to “Speed Creation Up” by using one of these Vials.

If you’re running low on Realm Currency and desperately need some more Vial of Adeptal Speed, you will need to build your Trust Rank with Tubby higher to generate some more quickly. The only way to do this is by creating and placing more furnishings in your realm! You may reach a point where you are bottlenecked for Currency, at which point you will just have to wait for the crafting to finish.

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