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How to get Goku Spec in A Universal Time (AUT)

How to get Goku Spec in A Universal Time (AUT)

There are many specs to choose from in A Universal Time (AUT), and each one requires following a specific set of steps. One of the most sought-after is the Goku Spec since he’s an all-time favorite of many anime fans. You may be unable to find Goku or new to AUT, so we have put together this guide to help you out. We’ll explain how to get Goku Spec in A Universal Time (AUT), along with step-by-step instructions for each task.

How to get Goku Spec in A Universal Time (AUT)

To get Goku Spec in A Universal Time:

  1. Collect 7 Dragon Balls
  2. Locate and speak with Goku
  3. Complete the quest objectives from Goku
  4. Turn in the quest at Goku

Collect 7 Dragon Balls

First, you will need to collect seven Dragon Balls for Goku to accept them and let you proceed with the quest. Dragon Balls are around a 5% drop rate, and you can find them primarily inside chests or randomly around the map. You will need to store the Dragon Balls in your bank, so you might have to purchase additional bank slots from the Shop if you do not have enough storage space.

Collect 7 Dragon Balls A Universal Time

Speak with Goku

Next, you’ll need to locate and speak with Goku. Goku is leaning against a tree on top of the mountain next to the soccer field. It can be tricky getting up to his location because there is no direct route. You can jump on the roof to get halfway up the mountain and then use a Stand Jump to get on top of the mountain. If you have a friend, you can also have them summon their Stand, and you can jump on its head to boost yourself up.

Speak with Goku and ask him, “how can I become strong like you?” He will say you need to obtain all seven Dragon Balls. You can select, “very well, I will obtain them!” Speak with Goku again when you have the required items, and tell him you have the items. He will say, “nice work!”

Complete the quest from Goku

Now you must complete Goku’s quest objectives, which are as follows:

  • Obtain 1000 UCoins
  • Inflict 100 Damage
  • Kill Dio
  • Block 100 Damage
  • Take 100 Damage

To obtain UCoins, you can open any chest you see, as there is always a chance to get some currency out of them. Next, deal damage to any of the nearby Dummies in the park. To take block damage, walk over to the Attacking Akira and use your block key to block 100 total damage. Similarly, let the Attacking Akira hit you for 100 damage. Finally, you’ll need to summon Dio, which costs 500 Robux from the in-game Shop, or find him in the forest and kill him. 

Return to Goku

Once you complete all the quests, return to Goku, and he will ask you what you wish for and present these options: Destruction, Power, Wealth, World Ender, and Ascension. Choose the Power option, and you will respawn as Goku! Here are the controls for Goku:

  • E – Kamehameha
  • R – Feint (two-hit combo)
  • T – Genkidama (spirit bomb)
  • F – Barrage
  • G – Meteor Strike
  • H – Instant Transmission
  • V – Recite a quote
  • Q – Charge Ki (hold for more charge per second)
  • 1-9 – Modes (8 and 9 require you to be low on health, and higher modes drain more Ki)
  • B – Stop Mode

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Goku Spec in A Universal Time (AUT). You can check out our A Universal Time section for more related guides and content.

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