How to Get Flametongue Unique Weapon in Final Fantasy 16

Craft the mighty Flametongue with just a couple of steps!
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Final Fantasy 16 will allow you to do a lot of crafting and upgrading of your equipment but as you know some materials are more rare than others and require extra effort to be brought to light. Flametongue is one of those items that are a little bit trickier to get in the early game but the reward it brings is entirely worth it.

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Flametongue Sword is considered to be one of the best early-game weapons as this sword gives you 180 to Attack and 180 Stagger. Read on to find out what you need to do to get your hands on this sweet black and red mega sword.

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What Do You Need to Get the Flametongue Sword?

As you will notice while playing Final Fantasy 16 there will be plenty of rare and unique weapons for you to craft. Your starting weapons are somewhat okay and will allow you to progress through the main storyline without too much trouble but why use an average tool when you can buff yourself with a more powerful one instead?

Before you think about getting Flametongue Sword you need to know that there are a couple of conditions that you need to fulfill first. The sword mainly requires you to get certain materials but to get those you will need to complete main storyline missions.

The materials needed for the Flametongue sword are:

  • 1x Stormcry Sword
  • 1x Fire Shard
  • 1x Meteorite

How to Get the Materials for Flametongue Sword?

Firstly, you need to complete the Awakening chapter and defeat Garuda to get Meteorite and the Wind Shard, a rare crafting material. Then, go to Blacksmith and use the Wind Shard to craft the Stormcry sword, as this sword is one of the key materials in the Flametongue recipe.

Secondly, you need to finish Chapter 22 called Buried Memories, and defeat Ifrit, the Infernal Eikon to get your hands on the Fire Shard. After you have completed all these steps, go to Blacksmith during Chapter 24, called Righting Wrongs, and craft the Flametounge Unique Weapon!

We wish you a happy slashing with the freshly crafted Flametongue sword! If you’re looking to learn more about Final Fantasy 16 see our guides How to get Scholar’s Spectacles in Final Fantasy 16 and How to get Braveheart Weapon in Final Fantasy 16. Follow us on Facebook and get the latest guides about Final Fantasy 16 and other trending games!

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