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How to get and use Magic Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

How to get and use Magic Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

Magic Crystal Chunks are a new type of resource added in the first major content update for Genshin Impact. You will first notice these items when you reach City Reputation level two with either Liyue or Mondstadt. After unlocking the Mining Outcrop Search, these Magic Crystals become visible on the map. Here’s how to get and use Magic Crystal Chunks and what they do in Genshin Impact.

How to get Magic Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

First, reach City Reputank Rank level two or higher in Liyue or Mondstadt. Ideally, you will want to get to at least level two in both cities. This way, you can utilize this new feature across the entire map. After reaching the proper rank, visit the City Reputation NPCs in either town and claim your Mining Outcrop Search. Once you obtain the item, see the blacksmith in the corresponding city and select the dialogue option: “Any tips on finding ore in Mondstadt?”

After speaking with the blacksmith and choosing the appropriate option, he will highlight some nodes on your map. The nice thing about this feature is that there are also many Crystal Chunk nodes at the marked areas, doubling as a Crystal Chunk finder. Open up your map, and search for the crystal icon on your map, signifying the Rich Ore Reserves.

Visit any of these locations, and you will find some Magic Crystals along with some regular Crystals. You can break them open in the same way you would get Crystal Chunks. As always, use a character with a claymore to get to them more easily. You should get one to two Magic Crystal Chunks per node.

How to use Magic Crystal Chunks

After gathering some Magic Crystals, you can revisit the blacksmith. He will now have the option to craft Mystic Enhancement Ore. This crafted item is what requires Magic Crystal Chunks. It costs 3 Magic Crystal Chunks and 10 Resin to create 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore. They craft instantaneously and grant you 50 Adventure Rank EXP as well because you are using Resin.

You get 6 Ore per batch, which equates to about 60,000 Weapon EXP. In comparison, a four-star weapon gives you about 50,000 Weapon EXP if you use it to enhance another weapon. The rate to pull a four-star weapon from a pack is pretty rare, so crafting Mystic Enhancement Ore may be a good idea if you need some weapon enhancement materials.

Before this item came into the game, players could only get a total of 300,000 Weapon EXP per day from crafting Ore. The new way to craft Mystic Ore with Magic Crystal Chunks opens up that cap, allowing players to power-level weapons quicker if they ever find themselves in a scenario where they would need to. For lower-level players, there are much better things to spend your Resin on, like Artifact Domains or Character Ascension and Level-up Domains. The new item is perfect for high-level players above Adventure Rank 45 or 50 who need something to do and need materials to level their weapons.

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