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Destiny 2: Root of Nightmares — Red Border Chest Guide

Out of the Way, but ... Could Be Worth It?
destiny 2 root of nightmares
Image via Bungie

I can’t overstate the importance of exploration. If you’re walking to the pharmacy, for example, and you decide to take a left when you should have taken a right, and you end up saving the world from an evil sect of intergalactic aliens. It happens to the best of us, and while you might be wishing it hadn’t … had you not decided to explore your unfamiliar surroundings, you might have avoided that entirely.

In that same vein, Destiny 2’s latest raid, Root of Nightmares, has a secret Red Border Chest that you can earn … if you’re up for a little exploration. In order to find this chest, you’ll have to have a keen eye and a knack for picking up on subtle details. Or, you could just read this guide and find it no sweat. Up to you.

How to Find the Red Border Chest in Root of Nightmares

If you absolutely loved the orbs of light / orbs of darkness mechanic in this raid, we have good news! In order to start the quest for this chest, you’ll have to veer off to the left when the raid wants you to go right. As soon as the raid begins and you’re thrown into the first exploratory section, do not head to the right, but rather, head left. In this area, you will find three glowing orbs.

These orbs will be in a certain order (dark, dark, light / dark, light, dark, etc.) and you’ll need to make note of that. As you play through the raid, there will be three rooms off the beaten path that you must find. In these rooms will be both orb variants, and you’ll have to shoot the orb that corresponds with the order. So, if your initial order is light, dark, dark, then you’ll need to shoot the light orb in the first room, the dark orb in the second, and the dark orb in the third. OK — still with me? Good.

How to Find the First Secret Room

I am happy to report that the first room is actually before the first encounter of the raid. Instead of heading for the first encounter, go through the nearby roots until you reach a hidden staircase, which you can take down. In this area, you’ll find both a dark and light orb, and, as stated, you’ll need to shoot the one that matches the first orb up on the surface, and connect it.

How to Find the Second Secret Room

This second room can be found after you have completed the second encounter. As is the standard at this point, there is a moment where you can turn right to continue onward. But, if you turn left, you’ll see the abandoned remains of a ship that you can hop to. This is the second room, so as long as you remember the color of the second orb at the beginning, you should have no problem here.

How to Find the Third Secret Room

So, you’re heading for the final boss, Nezarec. NO! STOP! The final room is very well hidden, but once you have reached the final path, jump down to the multi-colored pathway. Take this path all the way to the end and you can jump off to the right towards a piece of ruin. Be extremely careful not to fall off. As soon as you’ve reached the end of the ruin, look up and you should see a rectangular hole in the ceiling. Fly up, and you’ll be in the third room. So, shoot the correct orb and connect it. It’s time to secure that chest.

How to Find the Red Border Chest

If you’ve followed this guide so far, then as soon as you’ve defeated Nezarec, you will find your chest to the left. It would seem that this chest does in fact contain a red border weapon. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of red border weapons, it effectively means using it enough will allow you to claim materials that can assist in weapon upgrading. So, use this weapon strategically and nab those materials!!

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