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Why You Need to Be Using Double Special Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2's hidden META.
Destiny 2 double special weapon loadout - key art of Spire of the Watcher.
Image via Bungie

Running double special weapons in Destiny 2 is still an incredibly effective loadout option that not enough people are using. It’s capable of outputting some of the best DPS in the game, especially in high-level PvE activities. It’s also a phenomenal tool for solo runs, so if that’s the type of thing you’re into, you need to try running them.

I’ll be explaining why I think double special weapon loadouts aren’t getting enough love in Destiny 2 right now. It’s not all rosy – it does have its drawbacks. However, it’s a potent tool that you should have in your toolbox, all the same.

Double Special Loadouts Get More Ammo Drops

Destiny 2 double special weapon loadout - ammo drops in Shuro Chi.
Image via Bungie

Throughout Destiny’s long history, we’ve had a few double special weapon METAs. One of the leading reasons for this, post the infinite primary ammo patch, is the fact that running double special weapons gave more ammo drops.

Not just special ammo drops, either. Running double special weapons in Destiny 2 used to be a surefire way to guarantee you always had heavy ammo. However, Bungie caught on to this strategy and it was removed. At least, it was supposed to be.

Running double special weapons in Destiny 2 these days isn’t as effective as it used to be, but it does still drop far more ammo than you would typically get – especially heavy.

As any endgame player would know – more heavy ammo means more damage, which means faster completions. There’s a reason Aeons are so popular in Grandmasters.

Trace Rifles are Special Primaries

Destiny 2 double special weapon loadout - Path of Least Resistance in inventory.
Image via Bungie

You get more heavy ammo, so what? That’s still useless if you’re forced to run an activity with just a sniper and a shotgun – especially at high-end PvE. Well, there’s an underutilized weapon type that despite being in Destiny 2 since launch, hasn’t ever seen any META play. That weapon type is Trace Rifles.

Trace Rifles are special ammo weapons, and yet they function like primary weapons. They have great range, great damage, and a lot of them have a fairly decent perk pool to choose from. Oh, and two of the best Trace Rifles in the game are craftable due to them being seasonal weapons.

With a regular special weapon, like a Shotgun, and a Trace Rifle, you’ll have all the effectiveness of running a primary ammo weapon, combined with the ammo drop efficiency of running double specials.

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The Downside to Running Double Special Weapons in Destiny 2

Trace Rifle ammo finder mod on helmet.
Image via Bungie

There is a downside to running double special weapons in Destiny 2, and that’s obviously the ammo situation. Yes, double specials give you more ammo drops than usual, but not an infinite amount. If you’re inefficient with your ammo, you can run out in your Trace Rifle.

If you were ever going for a double special Trace Rifle setup, you would be wise to at least run Trace Rifle Ammo Finder, if not all the Trace Rifle ammo mods. This will keep your rifle, which is your primary, well-stocked on ammo. You don’t need to worry about running an ammo finder for your heavy, either – the double special drop rate will take care of that issue.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend double specials to everyone for everything. It’s a niche strategy. In particular, it’s useful when you’ve got a lengthy encounter that you’ll need to keep your heavy weapon stocked for. The best example of this is if you’re soloing the final encounter in Spire of the Watcher.

Double special loadouts are great for situations like this, especially for high-level endgame PvE activities and raid boss encounters. For your usual day-to-day stuff like Heist Battlegrounds, you’d be better off with a loadout that’s easier to manage.

So, you should consider keeping a double special weapon loadout in your back pocket, just in case you ever need it. You can craft two Trace Rifles as of Season of the Seraph, too, so you have no excuse.

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