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How to get a fishing pole and fish in New World

How to get a fishing pole and fish in New World

New World is an MMORPG full of different gathering professions, including gathering, skinning, mining, and, of course, fishing. Fishing is an essential skill for a lot of cooking recipes. Not only that, but some of the Town Project missions require catching a few fish, so it’s a handy skill to know. Specifically, an early game mission from the project board requires players to catch a few salmon. So, here’s our guide on how to get a fishing pole and fish in New World.

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How to get a fishing pole in New World

To fish in New World, you’ll need to get yourself a fishing rod, which can be done by either crafting one at a Workshop using Green Wood and Fibers or following these steps:

  1. Speak with Master Fisher Michael Shields, west of Windsward
  2. Complete the quest to collect 5 Woodlouse bait from nearby bushes
  3. Return to Michael Shields to get a Wooden Fishing Pole
  4. Open your inventory and equip the Wooden Fishing Pole
Master Fisher Michael Shields location, West of Windsward

After completing the simple task for Michael Shields and acquiring your first fishing pole, you will want to make sure to equip it in your gathering tool slot. Now, how exactly do you start fishing?

How to fish in New World

To fish in New World, make sure you have a fishing pole equipped, and press the F3 key near a fishing hotspot. Doing this will pull out your fishing rod and enter fishing mode. Press R to equip some bait, and then follow these steps to fish:

  1. Press and hold M1 to cast your fishing pole
  2. Release M1 at an acceptable range
  3. Wait for a fish to bite, and then press and hold M1 to reel it in
  4. Release M1 when the fishing line icon turns orange
  5. Press M1 again when the fishing line icon turns green to continue reeling it in
  6. Repeat the previous two steps until you catch the fish

When fishing, the most important things to consider when fishing in New World are to make sure you hook your fish on time and that your line doesn’t snap. You have roughly one to two seconds to click your mouse to hook the fish after getting a bite. The game will prompt you with a “get ready” message before a bite.

When you begin reeling in the fish, pay attention to the icon in the middle of the circular progress bar. When it turns orange, it means there’s a lot of tension on the line. Release your mouse to ease up on it, and then continue pressing M1 again to resume reeling it in. You can catch various types of fish and even treasure chests from fishing in hotspots.

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