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Where to find Fibers in New World

Where to find fibers in new world

New World has many resources to harvest, including ore, plants, trees, and animal skins. One of the most important beginning resources, aside from Iron, is Fibers. This material is a requirement for many early level crafting recipes from the outfitting station. Finding it can be a bit challenging, though. Here’s where to find Fibers in New World.

Where to find Fibers in New World

Fibers can be found in the grassland and forest regions of Aeternum. Pull up your map by pressing the “M” key and navigate to the Resource Locations tab on the screen’s left side. You can see an icon for fibers and the color coated regions of the map where you can gather it. To gather fibers, you will need to harvest the Hemp plant. 

In New World, the Hemp plants are a bit taller than your character with purple tops. You will mostly find them in forests, and areas surrounding farmlands. Refer to the image below to see hemp’s appearance. It’s important to stop and gather fibers from this plant whenever possible, as it increases your harvesting skill and is a useful material in many recipes. Make sure you have a scythe equipped in your harvesting tool weapon slot. Upgrading your scythe at the Forge will allow you to gather hemp and other plants more quickly.

After gathering enough fibers, you can head to the Loom in your nearest settlement to create some linen. You can then head to your local outfitting station to craft some armor with the linen and make your character more powerful. 

If you want to know a good area for hemp in the starting location, we found one at Charlottesburgh. This area might be solid for you if you spawned at the First Light starting area. Refer to the map below for the exact location.

Now you know where to find Fibers in New World, so it’s time to start farming and increasing those skills!

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