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How to Farm Solo Raid Chest Loot in Spoils of Conquest – Destiny 2 Loot Guide

Earn these rewards playing alone!
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Destiny 2 has just reached its twentieth Season, and fans of the game could not be more excited for all of the new content that has just been released alongside the general Season changes. The futuristic space RPG is well known for its intricate storyline that is so in-depth that it can be a little complicated and even confusing for newer players to pick up on. However, the worldbuilding of D2 is renowned for being well connected and thought out. There are plenty of different weapons for which to outfit your Guardian with as you take on the menagerie of enemies who would like nothing more than to take you down and ruin your day. In this guide we will cover how to farm Raid Chest Spoils of Conquest loot when you’re playing alone in Destiny 2!

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How Do You Farm Raid Chest Loot While Playing Solo?

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In order to farm Spoils of Conquest loot, you will first need to do a couple of things. To get Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2, you must complete encounters during Raids and loot different chests during those Raids. Legacy Raids are a poor way of farming Spoils of Conquest since they only drop three per time you complete an encounter, and none will drop from chests. However, the current Raids (The King’s Fall, Vow of the Disciple and Vault of Glass) will give you five for each successfully completed encounter and five more within chests.

What’s the Best Way to Solo Farm?

If you are playing solo, the best way to rack up a ton of Spoils of Conquest is to farm lots of chests in the Raids, since these are not as difficult to get as completing encounters when you are alone. After all, the lids of the chests themselves aren’t that heavy! Vow of the Disciple has a ton of easy chests to grab for solo players, with few enemies guarding many of them. You can use all three characters to do this every week, which means you’ll get at least 15 Spoils of Conquest from that one Raid per week!

Vault of Glass is another Raid with easy chests waiting for you, however this one we recommend more for small groups of players, since there are a couple of obstacles that can be difficult to pass if you aren’t in a group (due to the enemies there). Some of the chests in the Vault of Glass will require you to have other players though, since you need to defend Vex plates in order to open the Vault and retrieve the chests. Therefore, we recommend running the Vow of the Disciple Raid to get the most Spoils of Conquest as efficiently as possible when you’re playing solo in Destiny 2.

How Do You Beat These Raids?

In order to take on the Vault of Glass and the Vow of the Disciple in Destiny 2, you will need to bring all of your wits – and then some! These Raids are not easy, but don’t worry since we’ve got you covered with a handy explanation. In order to complete the Vault of Glass, here is what you need to do.

  • Firstly, you must activate three Vex plates outside of the front door of the Vault. They must remain activated for five minutes continuously.
  • In order to activate the plate, you must occupy its space and make sure no enemies can come to capture it.
  • These plates will build a spire (through activation) and once this is complete the Vault of Glass will open. Follow the tunnels here until you reach a cavern you need to jump into.
  • Your next task is to defeat the Templar, who is the first boss of this raid.
  • In order to beat him, defend from the waves of Vex who will try and disrupt the three confluxes.
  • Next, defend the confluxes from enemies who attempt to attack it, namely Fanatics and Oracles.
  • Hobgoblin snipers will also take potshots at you, so make sure you defeat them as well lest they be a huge pain!
  • Activate the checkpoint, and then use the Relic called the Aegis that will spawn to fight the Templar. For the first part of the fight, only the Relic’s super ability will be able to damage it.
  • Quickly DPS the Templar and then move on to the next stage in the event.
  • You will have to pass through the Gorgons’ Labyrinth next, which requires you to pass through a series of tunnels and a maze.
  • There are many Gorgons and glowing Harpies who are inside this labyrinth, so make sure you destroy them quickly (within ten seconds) or you will receive a raid wipe.
  • There are a few chests within the labyrinth as well, so don’t forget to grab those on your way out.
  • The second last stage is to defeat the Gatekeepers, who are three bosses that will fight you one at a time.
  • To reach these Gatekeepers, you must open portals by standing on sync plates to capture them. Make sure you leave some players behind to defend the plate when you go to defeat a Gatekeeper!
  • Use the Relic dropped by the Gatekeepers you defeat to cleanse yourselves of the Marked by the Void debuff which will eventually kill you if not removed.
  • After the last Gatekeeper falls, it’s time to fight Atheon, the final boss.
  • In order to take him on, you will need to use a Relic to remove the same debuff as before, which he will apply to you.
  • Next, half of your team will be teleported by Atheon back to where the Gatekeepers were, which means the other half will need to open the portal to get them out. Turtle up on the plate that opens the respective portal and then use the Relic to cleanse them.
  • Once they’re back, you are in the DPS phase and need to quickly defeat Atheon – you will receive buffs as well at this point.
  • Stand in the middle of the arena to do this, and take him out! Use the Relic’s super attack for extra damage and complete the raid.

How to Complete Vow of Disciple Raid and Farm

Phew, that was a long one. The other raid that is great for players to do is the Vow of the Disciple raid, and without any further ado here is how you can finish that one with ease!

  • Firstly, you will land and instantly need to kill the reflection of Savathun.
  • Go through a large door which leads to the Disciple’s Bog, and then defeat the Scorn enemies you’ll encounter.
  • Head inside the Pyramid’s garage (which you will be guided to by a surfboard) and you will then move onto the next step.
  • There are a bunch of symbols in this raid, 27 to be exact, and you will need to remember them all if you wish to be successful. That’s right, all 27 of them.
  • Use the prep time you have in the symbols room to study them and learn what their names are.
  • Once you’re ready, enter the first encounter which is the Acquisition and involves a fight in the museum part of the Pyramid.
  • You must use a lot of teamwork to defeat the Scorn bosses at this stage, and then you’ll have to shoot the crux at the north end of the room to begin the encounter.
  • This crux can also open temple doors or close them, which can be useful in battle.
  • Kill Compass Knights as they spawn around the arena, and then fight off the two Scorn Glyphkeepers who will attempt to attack you.
  • You will need to continue repeating this process, matching symbols to Obelisks and Pillars around the Pyramid, and then killing all of the Compass Knights who challenge you.
  • The Obelisks will spawn a steady stream of enemies, so make sure that you defend them and take down these hostiles quickly.’
  • For your next fight you take on the boss called the Caretaker, in a four-floored giant room where the Caretaker is. There is a dark room, an Obelisk and three plates on each floor. Make sure to not let the Caretaker reach these Obelisks or they will explode and your raid will get wiped.
  • Use the right symbols and kill enemies that spawn as you work to complete offerings to the Obelisks. Also, avoid the Wizards who would like nothing more than to take you out along the way.
  • The damage phase will begin after you are finished with the Obelisks, and for this part of the mission make sure that you stand on the silver plate that is glowing so you can damage the Caretaker.
  • Watch out for projectiles that the Caretaker will try to hit you with as well!
  • Make sure you follow him around and keep the DPS pressure up so that you can get to the last stage in the Raid, which is Exhibition.
  • Use the three Relics you will be given in this fight to help you out – Darkness Laser, Templar Shield and Eye of Riven.
  • Head through the four rooms in this encounter and complete the tasks in them to finish it.
  • You will have to kill the Taken Knight, Scorn and Taken Glyphkeeper in each room.
  • Make sure to use the symbols dropped from these enemies to match them with the door in front of you, which will let you progress in the level.
  • Don’t choose the wrong symbols, or you could be in big trouble!
  • Now you’re onto the final boss fight, known as Rhulk! He has a shield that can push you off the map, as well as a giant shard floating above his head. You want to get a special buff in this fight so that you can get into his shield and attack him with your allies.
  • Distract Rhulk by assigning one player to bait out his attacks while others input symbols where they are needed, and then destroy his glaive when he moves to dash at a player. This will allow you to get through his shield and begin hurting him.
  • Eventually, a weakpoint will spawn on Rhulk, and you need to quickly damage it to break this. The process will take four times with three other weakpoints.
  • Eventually he will go into his final stand, when you need to kill him before he stacks Pervading Darkness on you 10 times. If you aren’t quick enough, your raid will get wiped and you need to start over. Kill him, and win the raid to earn valuable rewards!

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