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How to Complete Population Census in Escape From Tarkov

"Sound off if you're not dead!"
escape from tarkov census
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Most developed countries have a census bureau that keeps track of the number and demographics of their population. It’s an important system for distributing funds and things like that, and in the event the population of a city vanishes overnight, you can tell how many people are MIA. Here’s how to complete Population Census in Escape from Tarkov.

How to Complete Population Census in Escape From Tarkov

Population Census is a quest given by the Therapist trader in Escape from Tarkov. She’s putting together a dossier on who’s missing from the city and needs you to obtain a journal of records from the Primorsky District’s Housing Department. It’s a pretty straightforward task on paper, complicated only slightly by randomized item spawns.

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First and foremost, you need to be at least level 12 to start this quest. If that’s squared away, the next step is locating the Housing Department building. The building is located in the top-left section of the Streets of Tarkov, sandwiched in the middle of a bunch of other buildings. There’s a little children’s play area right next to it if you need a landmark.

Finding the Journal

escape from tarkov journal
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The housing office journal is located somewhere in this building, but its exact location is randomized. That said, there are five spots it can spawn in, so if you check those spots, you will find it sooner or later.

Here’s where to look for the housing office journal:

  1. Right after you enter the building, check the second office on the right and look on the bookshelf
  2. In that same entrance hallway, check the desk in the last office on the left
  3. Same hallway again, check the desk with a lamp on it in the third office on the right
  4. Check the little reception area next to the staircase to the second floor. Look behind the counter for a little shelf
  5. On the second floor, check the first unlocked office on the left with a tipped-over bookcase. Look under the desk the bookcase is tipped onto

Whenever you find the journal, book it out of there and return to the Therapist to turn it in and receive your reward. She gets some valuable information on the city’s populace, and you get some cool stuff. I’d call that a productive afternoon.

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