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How to Complete Happy Haunting Ground in Destiny 2

This is one of Destiny 2's more straight-forward challenges.
How to complete Happy Haunting Ground in Destiny 2 - Happy Haunting Ground in Event Card.
Image via Bungie

Struggling trying to figuring out how to complete Happy Haunting Ground in Destiny 2? You’re not alone. Destiny 2 event challenges have a habit of never working quite as intended, meaning we as a community has gotten used to having to jump through hoops to get things done. Fortunately, Happy Haunting Ground is actually a fairly innocent challenge, albeit a time-consuming one.

I’m going to run you through how to Complete Happy Haunting Ground in Destiny 2. It’s a fairly simple challenge – but there is one little detail that can mess people up.

Destiny 2 – How to Complete Happy Haunting Ground

How to complete Happy Haunting Ground in Destiny 2 - Haunted Sector playlist in the Tower Director.
Image via Bungie

Completing Happy Haunting Ground in Destiny 2 is super simple. Unlike a lot of challenges Bungie creates, this one actually is what it says it is. If you look at it in your Event Card, you’ll see that it’s asking you to complete 35 activities in the Haunted Sector playlist. This just means you need to finish 35 Haunted Sectors – the Festival of the Lost activity that you can launch from the Tower.

It’s important to note that for a Haunted Sector run to count towards Happy Haunting Ground, you need to wait for the rewards chest to pop at the end of the activity. If you leave any earlier than that – your completion won’t count, even if you see the activity end screen.

Completing 35 Haunted Sectors is a tall order – especially since all runs take, more or less, the same amount of time due to players having to wait the timer out even if they kill 10 Headless Ones quickly. So, you’ve got a lot of grinding ahead of you for this challenge.

However, it’s worth noting that Spectral Pages have nothing to do with this challenge. So, you can do Haunted Sectors with no pages in your inventory and the runs will still count. So, if you’re particularly antsy to get your hands on the Savathun Mask, you can just grind this out consecutively. If you’re waiting until you’ve got at least 10 Spectral Pages in your inventory, then you might not even get this challenge done during FotL’s three-week window. That all depends on you, though.

That’s all there is to it, really. Play 35 Haunted Sectors and Happy Haunting Ground, along with that all-important Savathun Mask, will be yours. Of course, you’ll get a whole lot extra Festival loot while doing this, including Jurassic Greens and Braytech Werewolfs. Keep an eye out for god roll variants of those weapons – just in case you get lucky.

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