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How to complete Colleagues Part 1 in Escape from Tarkov

How to complete Colleagues Part 1 in Escape from Tarkov

A new quest from the Therapist is now active as part of the 12.7 Escape from Tarkov update. Completing this quest can prove challenging if you don’t know where to look. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Colleagues Part 1 in Escape from Tarkov.

How to complete Colleagues Part 1 in Escape from Tarkov

First, head to your Tasks tab and check the Colleagues Part 1 quest from the Therapist. There are a few objectives outlined here, which are as follows:

  • Locate the group sent to the Health Resort
  • Find the group sent to the Pier
  • Locate the group sent to the Cottages
  • Survive and leave the area

“Good afternoon. It is obvious that in the current difficult situation, everyone who has medical knowledge is worth their weight in gold, not to mention practicing doctors. And it looks like such a doctor has appeared. I was told that someone on the Shoreline is treating the locals and selling them medicine. Several groups I had hired went there. They need to find this doctor, to enter into negotiations, and to offer the best conditions. But today, none of the groups got in touch. We need these medications. Find my people and find out what happened.”

Cottage Location

Head to the Shoreline map, and look for the bodies next to the lockable Cottages. All you have to do is stand near them, and then you can proceed to the next location.

Cottage Location

Health Resort Location

Next, you will have to go over to the helicopter at the Resort. Check out the body underneath the helicopter. 

Colleagues - Health Resort Location

Pier Location

Last, head to the pier extraction point, and you will see a blue house. You will see a body outside the building, which is how you know you’re at the right location. Head inside and check out the body on the ground to finish the quest.

Colleagues - Pier Location

Make sure to survive and leave the area after visiting each of these locations to complete the challenge. We have a walkthrough for Colleagues Part 2, as well.

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