Escape From Tarkov 2020 Shoreline Map Guide

Shoreline is the map of focus in this Escape From Tarkov 2020 map guide. This is a 8-13 player large map that is located along a shoreline. There is a small town, gas station, village, pier, pill-box, radio station, and a big three story resort.

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Escape From Tarkov 2020 Shoreline Map Guide

Shoreline is a very loot dense map, which we briefly cover down below. On the west side of Shoreline we have some small towns, and right in the middle there’s a big health resort with an east and west wing with an admin area in the back.

The map is pretty large with the middle providing a big area for long range combat. Resort in the middle is very loot dense and can have a lot of close range combat action.

Spawn points are primarily along the outside of the map and widely spaced apart. Some points of interest are the water and beach (barge and lighthouse), the swamp in the top northwest, radio tower and radar tower on the southeast, health resort in the middle. Use the map above and figure out your location based on how you are approaching the different points of interest.

The power lines also run throughout the map and all lead to the power station towards the middle of the map.

You can expect most players on this map to rush into the middle of the map and hit the resort. There’s three floors to the east and west wing, along with a basement. The admin building has two floors and a basement. There’s many locked rooms in the wings containing high-tier military grade loot. There is definitely no shortage of loot in the resort.

Chokepoints on this map will be pretty much anywhere in the middle. There’s a bridge in the north which is a busy choke. The health resort is basically a giant choke point as well. The river to the south of the resort running down to the south can be a choke point as well. All the way towards the south you can cross the river on the road, or you can cross it at the power station.

Extraction points are pretty much on the opposite side you spawn on. On the southeast corner of the map you’ll see one guaranteed exit called Road to Customs. If you spawn on the east side of the map, the wrecked road/tunnel will be your guaranteed extraction on the south of the map. There’s several potential extractions and other ways to get out, but once you nail down the permanent extractions you’ll be in good shape. The most important extract is likely Rock Passage.

Shoreline Cache & Loot Runs

The map above shows a Shoreline cache and loot run route that you can use to farm this map. All 37 cache locations are shown on the map above, and the black line shows the route you can take to efficiently run it.

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