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How to complete bounties in Genshin Impact

How to complete bounties in Genshin Impact

Bounties are part of the new City Reputation system in Genshin Impact, introduced in the “A New Star Approaches” update. Completing them grants you City Reputation points for the city where you accepted the bounty. Completing this task can be confusing because there is little information about what you need to do. We will walk you through the process to help you with your first bounty to understand how it works. Here’s how to complete bounties in Genshin Impact.

How to complete bounties in Genshin Impact

Start by accepting any Bounty from either Ms. Yu at Liyue Harbor or Hertha in Mondstadt. When you receive a Bounty Quest, read it over to understand where you need to go. Open your map and look for a big yellow circle around the area mentioned in the Bounty Quest description. For example, your bounty might say you need to go to the road that leads to Thousand Winds Temple.

How to find tracks in Bounties in Genshin Impact

Head to the Bounty location on your map, and make sure you are within the marked area. Use your Elemental Sight to look for tracks around you. It will look like a blue wind trail leading in a direction. Stand still when you do this, so you know which way to walk. Keep using your Elemental Sight every few feet, so you continue in the right direction. 

The trail leads you to a track, which can be something like an item, an NPC, or an area to investigate. Make sure to destroy anything in your path or interact with the items at the end of the tracks.

You will generally need to find three different tracks to complete the Bounty Quest. The last track leads you to the Bounty Target. Destroy the target to complete the Bounty Quest. After that, you can return to the appropriate city to turn it in for 60 City Reputation and 20,000 Mora. You can complete three Bounties per week in total to gain Reputation towards your City Reputation Rewards.

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