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How to Complete An Adeptal Summons in Genshin Impact

An Adeptal Summons is a world quest you’ll encounter during your adventures in Teyvat around Adventure Rank 30. To start the quest, you need to visit the Cloud Retainer, who you can summon at the lake in the center of Mt. Aozang by offering Jewelry Soup. Here’s how to complete An Adeptal Summons in Genshin Impact.

How to Complete An Adeptal Summons in Genshin Impact

Picking up the quest will give you a task to go to the adeptus’ abode and search for the blueprints. If you have never been to this location, it’s above Qingyun Peak. We have a guide on how to get above Qingyun Peak that you can check out for help. Long story short, you need to align three divine birds with Qingyung Peak and activate a shrine. 

After doing this, you can teleport to the Qingyun Peak waypoint, and use the wind vents to boost yourself up to the floating rock above. This area is known as adeptus’ abode. Make your way to the top and look for the “Dwelling in the Clouds” blueprints. When you pick up the blueprints, you must give them to the Cloud Retainer.

The location is back at Mt. Aozang, exactly where you originally started the quest. You’ll need to enter into the domain to return the blueprints directly to Cloud Retainer. It involves solving a few puzzles along the way. You have 150 seconds to reach Cloud Retainer, but gain lots of additional time after each kill. We recommend trying to finish it by yourself. However, if you need some help completing the domain, follow our step-by-step video guide below.

It can be a confusing puzzle if you’re unsure of which way to rotate the platforms. After reaching Cloud Retainer, turn in the blueprints, and the quest is complete. That’s how to complete an Adeptal Summons in Genshin Impact.

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