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How to complete A Mysterious Loss in Genshin Impact

How to complete A Mysterious Loss in Genshin Impact

The third portion of the Unreconciled Star Event in Genshin Impact is underway. You can find three new Meteoric Wave quests under the Star of Destiny section, one of which requires finding a missing box for Viktor. Finding the box can be confusing if you don’t know exactly where to look, but we got you covered. Here’s how to complete A Mysterious Loss in Genshin Impact.

To start this quest, open up the Event Details and click on the Meteoric Wave to open the event quest journal. Scroll down to the Star of Destiny section and select “A Mysterious Loss.” You will need to pay a visit to Viktor in the Cathedral, who begins the quest. Using Elemental Sight, you will have to scout a few areas in search of his lost box.

How to complete A Mysterious Loss in Genshin Impact

To complete A Mysterious Loss in Genshin Impact, speak with Viktor in the Cathedral. He will give you a task to use Elemental Sight to find the lost box. Travel to the waypoint west of Thousand Winds Temple, which should have a marker on your map. The first clue is right next to the waypoint, a bit to the east. Refer to the map and screenshot below if you can’t find it. Walk up to the Elemental Marks and examine them.

Next, you need to proceed to the next area highlighted yellow on your map. Head northeast, into the next area, and defeat the group of Electro Slimes. The next set of Elemental Marks is in the middle of the circle, easily visible after taking out the slimes. Refer to the images below if you need some help.

Examing the second set of Elemental Marks should get you Viktor’s Lost Box. You can now return to the Cathedral in Mondstadt to finish the quest. Your reward for this one is 40 Primogems, and 20 Fading Star’s Essence. You may want to save up the Fading Star’s Essence to pick up the Crown of Sagehood from the Event Shop, a limited-time event reward.

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