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How to Beat the First Circle in the Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid in Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV)

How to take down Erichthonios in Pandaemonium Abyssos
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Another raid, another day of banging your mouse or throwing your controller. Final Fantasy doesn’t mess around when it comes to raids. Some of them require complete team cooperation where you need to know the mechanics in order to progress. Others are a walk in the park and you’re capable of just mashing buttons until the boss is defeated. As you progress and become stronger you will start to realize that the raids require learning about your boss’ battles. In the latest raid, added from the recent patch, we’re introduced to Pandaemonium Abyssos. We’re going to show you how to beat the first circle in the newest raid.

How to Beat The First Circle in Pandaemonium Abyssos

In this raid you’re battling against Erichthonios where you can either choose savage mode, for veteran players, or normal combat. With any raid boss battle there will be multiple stages where you will need to get it together, have your macros ready, and fight to the finish. Some fights consist of learning patterns and figuring out what works and doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid of death. If you have an amazing healer you will resurrect in no time. Death is common in FFXIV and if you have an understanding team they will guide you through the process.

First thing is first AVOID THE EDGES AT ALL TIMES. If you fall off the edge you will instantly die. Thankfully this boss isn’t too hard to defeat. There are six phases you will encounter when battling Erichthonios. Two of those phases will repeat, as well as, multiply. These phases consist of:

  • Aetherial Shackles
  • Intemperance (Ice Cubes)
  • Shining Cells (Dart Board)
  • Fourfold Shackles
  • Intemperance
  • Shining Cells & Shackles

Aetherial Shackles Phase 1 in FFXIV Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid

When this boss casts Aetherial Shackles everyone around you will get a debuff. There will be about four players that will have purple chains on them and four others will get red chains. Purple chained people should focus on moving towards the boss whereas red chained people should run towards the corners. During this phase the boss will throw around a few different attacks you need to be cautious over. These attacks are Heavy Hand, Gaoler’s Flail, Pitiless Flail/Purgation, Warder’s Wrath. Heavy Hand mostly focuses on the tank. Gaoler’s Flail is when the boss will throw out chains have a purpose and it consists of:

  • Sickle – Giant cleave where you can safely evade by standing on opposite side
  • Spiked Ball – Circle AOE within the boss where you can safely evade by standing outside of it
  • Chakram – Opposite of spiked ball where it’s safe to stand inside

Pitiless Flail/Purgation is another tank buster that forces you backwards. When the boss uses Warder’s Wrath your healers are going to want to immediately start healing. This is just the boss fighting everyone so you should stay on guard for this one.

Intemperance (Ice Cubes) Phase 2 in FFXIV Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid

You will notice the arena will be divided in 9 sections. During this phase you will see crystals that consist of blue, red, or purple. You need to have a player stand in a non boss section when it casts what’s called Intemperate Torment. When you see the boss raise his hand in the air and another down, if the hand raised is glowing, crystals will explode at the top. If his lower hand is glowing the bottom crystal’s will explode. If you’re in a section that has purple crystals be prepared to have tons of damage be done to you. You should move fast in order to avoid them.

Shining Cells (Dart Board) Phase 3 in FFXIV Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid

We’re onto the next phase! This phase will consist of the arena being divided into two circles where one section will be red or white. There will be two orbs, red and white, that surround the boss. A section that matches the glowing orbs will explode so you need to avoid that section. You’re going to want to try to reach a safe spot. After some time you’ll be faced off with the boss using a move called Slam Shut where he’ll do some damage on the entire party. He will also use Shackles of time, as mentioned above, where the players will have shackles that causes them to have debuff.

Fourfold Shackles Phase 4 in FFXIV Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid

Remember how we told you that it’s pretty common for FFXIV players to die? This is where the fun starts. If you make it to this phase you’ll probably die. You’ll die because you haven’t figured out the mechanics of the shackles. Just like with every boss as you advance, they’ll start to form patterns you need to be able to see, so you can defeat them fast. The boss will use Aetherial Shackles x4 and the hits will come in sequences quickly. Just RUN to your position FAST to evade this.

Intemperance Phase 5 in FFXIV Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid

A repeat phase, read above to learn about Intemperance. After reading about Intemperance the boss will start to use Gaoler’s Flail. The crystal will explode when the boss sets his flail chains. Since this is a repeat phase there’s not much to it. Just watch the boss’s movements and pay attention to the changing colors.

Shining Cells & Shackles Phase 6 in FFXIV Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid

Shackles and Shining Cells is what you’re used to and you will be seeing this move again in the final phase. Just make sure to be standing in the right position, watch the boss when he casts the different colored orbs, and watch for when he casts three Aetherflails in a row. If you’ve managed to get this far you’ll be looking at an easy kill. He’ll start to become enraged and that’s when you know you’re near the end.

First Circle in the Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid

Thankfully, the first circle part of the raid only consists of three phases. The guide listed above will teach you how to defeat the first circle in SAVAGE mode. If you’re looking to just beat the first circle in normal mode you will only have to pay close attention to the different move sets the boss has. For example, you will need to learn about Gaoler’s Flail, Warder’s Wrath, Pitiless Flail, & Heavy Hand, Intemperance, & Intemperate Torment. The second phase will focus on Shining Cells. Lastly, the third phase will just be the first phase enhanced where he’s using attacks back-to-back.

That’s all you need to know about Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid in FFXIV. Once you get the mechanics down you’ll be taking down Erichthonios in no time. Just make sure to communicate with your team and always watch videos or follow our guides to learn how to defeat the bosses. For more guides and news follow Gamer Journalist. We update you on upcoming gaming titles, provide tips & tricks, and teach you how to use codes in games.

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