How to be a Confidential Informant in BitLife
Image via BitLife/CandyWriter LLC

BitLife’s Mafia update is now in the game, allowing players to do some additional activities like joining organized crime syndicates. You can even become a mob boss if you play your cards right. Besides joining the mafia, some other more hidden features are available that you may not know about, like snitching on your Family. Here’s how to be an informant in BitLife.

So, if you’re looking to live your life as a professional gangster, continue reading. The life of crime is not for everyone, but in the game of BitLife, you can do whatever you want. Just remember, as the saying goes, “snitches get stitches.”

How to be an Informant in BitLife

After you’re in the mafia, you can pull up your jobs tab and see an option to become a confidential informant. By doing this, you’ll contact the authorities and volunteer to become a confidential informant against your Mob Family. When you tap the button, a message pops up explaining the process to you.

In short, you’ll have four years to gather sufficient evidence to bring down your Family. If successful, you’ll enter the Witness Protection Program and be free from the mafia. The requirement here is that you do not get caught committing any crimes during your informant period. If you get caught, your status as a confidential informant gets revoked. 

Since you only have four years, which is a short time in BitLife, we recommend becoming an informant after getting some promotions and working your way up the ranks. You’ll be a little more trustworthy that way and have dirt on people already. 

How to provide sufficient evidence against the mafia

To gather evidence against a fellow mafia member, select the name of a member from the list. You should see an option with a pencil and notepad icon that says Snitch: Collect evidence against him/her. A prompt pops up, asking if you’re sure you want to collect evidence against your Family associate. You’ll see a Confidential Informant progress bar above your Family notoriety. Aim to fill up that bar entirely for a solid case against your Family.

Occasionally, your fellow members will accuse you of collecting evidence. It’s similar to getting caught doing a crime. You can either admit it, deny it, or whack them before they tell anyone. The amount of evidence you get from someone can vary. Sometimes, you can get a good chunk of evidence. It seems like you get the most from the boss of the Family. 

Make sure to work hard and be a contributing member of your mafia Family while doing this to avoid getting kicked out. After collecting enough evidence, a prompt will show up saying your evidence led to several convictions, and all charges against you have been dropped. You can then choose your destination for the Witness Protection Program. The new chapter in your life then begins, with a new name and everything.