Hell Let Loose 2024 Roadmap: New Weapons, Improved Graphics, New Uniforms and More

What's in store for 2024?
Hell let loose mortain
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Another year and another round of Hell Let Loose updates are before us. Like before, the devs are releasing the Roadmap to help us all figure out what content will be released and when.

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Since the 2023 Roadmap wasn’t fully deployed (probably due to the switching of the developer teams), players are expecting those promises to be fulfilled now. Additionally, other novelties being introduced are just as exciting. So, let’s cut to the chase and dive into Hell Let Loose 2024 Roadmap.

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What is in Hell Let Loose’s 2024 Roadmap?

New Map and a Better Overview

Interesting improvements are coming in 2024 for Hell Let Loose. One of the most exciting things is the new map Mortain, which is adding a historically important battle in Normandy. It will feature a couple of Capture Points and offer players plenty of street fighting.

Image by Team17

When we’re talking about new maps, we have to mention that a new Tactical Map design is being planned so that new players can get accustomed to the gameplay more quickly. It’s still being developed, but as the dev team mentioned, it’s meant to reduce clutter on the map screen.

New Toys

Hell Let Loose’s fans of British weapons will be happy to hear that the Crusader Mark III tank is coming to the game with its astonishing 6-second reload time. What’s best is that it seems that the decision behind introducing this tank came directly from a Reddit vote that devs put up!

Another British update brings in the Gammon Bomb to replace the Sticky Bomb. This toy explodes as soon as it touches the ground, so bear that in mind before using it! It’s still unclear whether it would be able to damage vehicles and, if yes, which kind. My bet is that it will be able to destroy non-armored vehicles like jeeps.

Another smart little rework includes new fire effects. The new fires should look more natural and reduce the performance cost that the previous ones kept on your device.

New Gear

We will see some exciting new gear in 2024 that includes the US commander General Patton’s uniform and the US infantry Winter campaign in Europe uniform. Between these two, I’m more excited about the rugged winter uniform of the infantry because it looks exactly like those that soldiers had in Band of Brothers. If you look closely, you’ll notice that these are authentic uniforms that Major Winters, Nixon, Malarkey, and the gang had.

Purple Heart Lane Update

Purple Heart Lane map had rain effects that were creating problems for console players. With the new update, these should go away, and everybody should enjoy a nice and refreshing VFX rain on the wet roads.

We hope you found our guide helpful. For more interesting articles about WW2 games, see Company of Heroes 3 Armies Explained and All Factions in Company of Heroes 3.

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