How to Get a Tank in Hell Let Loose

Are you worthy of getting a tank?
hell let loose how to get a tank
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Hell Let Loose is a complex game that doesn’t let you get away easy with any role, including tank crew. Unlike other WW2 games that are built in an arcade shooter style, this one is looking to bring realism to the table in every corner possible.

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Playing with a tank isn’t a simple WASD driving and shooting at the same time that you are maybe used to from old Call of Duty games or Enlisted. In Hell Let Loose, it’s a 3-man job, and you can’t get it easy. Keep reading to learn how to get and play a tank in Hell Let Loose.

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How to Find a Tank in Hell Let Loose

Everything concerning tanks in Hell Let Loose is a team activity, including getting them. To get a tank, you need to ask the commander of your team to spawn one for you in one of the three HQ spawn locations. Also, you’ll need to choose the Armor role.

Unlike other games, there won’t be plenty of tanks spawning often, giving you the ability just randomly to hop in. Some tanks and vehicles do spawn at a slow rate in the base, but most strong ones that can make a big impact on the game don’t.

Requesting a tank from the battle commander doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get it. The commanders have a limited pool of resources they can use, so they will only spawn tanks when they think it’s needed.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting in the Tank

First of all, you pick the Armor role, tank commander or crewman. The tank commander coordinates the movement of the tank and marks targets (the guy popping his head out of the tank) while the crewman can either drive or shoot the cannon.

Having a full 3-man team with your friends increases the chances that the commander will give you a tank. If you aren’t that fortunate, ask some of the other tank crews who are missing a member if you can join them.

Make sure to let everyone know whether you’re a beginner so that they can act accordingly. Driving a tank into a battle in Hell Let Loose is a complex effort, and your team needs to know how good your skills are before they go in there with you.

Good luck with your tank career, soldier! If you’re looking to read up more on Hell Let Loose, make sure you check out How to Use Artillery in Hell Let Loose and How to Unlock Sniper in Hell Let Loose.

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