How to Unlock Sniper in Hell Let Loose

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If you’re new to Hell Let Loose, you’ll soon notice that it’s not like any standard online multiplayer shooter, like COD or Battlefield, for example. The squad system they have in place resembles the one in Enlisted, another unique WW2 shooter game.

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Having a different combat and battle setup means that you won’t always be able to pick a role that you prefer. Instead, both sides in a battle have a predetermined role order that players need to fulfill. That is why picking a Sniper, among other roles, won’t always be an easy task.

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Keep reading to find out what you can do to increase your chances of getting a sniper in Hell Let Loose.

How to Play Sniper in Hell Let Loose

To play as a Sniper in Hell Let Loose, you need to join the Recon unit that already has a Spotter. There will be 2 Recon teams on each side in a match, and there can be only 1 Sniper per Recon unit. This means 2 Sniper spots are available per team.

As you might assume, getting the Sniper spot won’t be easy as these Recon squads get populated quickly. Moreover, you’ll need someone to play your Spotter so you can pick the Sniper role. This is why playing with a friend can increase your chances of getting the Sniper for yourself.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Sniper in Hell Let Loose

Reduce Game Loading Time

Since people are snatching the Recon squad spots like crazy as soon as they join the map, you’ll want to do everything in your power to load the map before the majority of players. You can use game-boosting software so that your game runs and loads faster and gets the upper hand.

Also, if you’re able, try installing Hell Let Loose on SSD instead of HDD. SSD loads games much faster, so you’ll surely increase your chances of getting a Sniper this way as well.

Try Joining a Locked Squad

People will often pick up the Recon unit without having a Sniper just to save the spot for someone else. Try requesting to join their locked units in case their friends don’t show up. It isn’t a useless attempt, as it has shown that time and time again, people are willing to do that.

Of course, if strangers do let you in their unit, try to be communicative and create a relationship with them so that you might play again together in the future.

Switch Teams

If there are no Sniper slots available with the Americans, maybe there is one on the German side? Try switching sides and seeing if you can snipe for the opposite team or if people in that team’s Recon unit will take you in.

Wait it Out

Matches in Hell Let Loose can last from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, and not everybody can dedicate that amount of time to one match. There are high chances that Sniper players can leave in the middle of the match, leaving the slot unpopulated. Keep an eye out and snatch it if you can.

Keep Checking

The last piece of advice I can give you is to wait it out simply. Play another role, and then every time you die and need to redeploy, check if Sniper spot is available. It might happen that you don’t get it a couple of matches in a row, but on the other hand, you just might get it every time you’re keeping your eye out.

We hope you are going to get that Sniper slot as soon as possible! For more Hell Let Loose content, see our guide, Is Hell Let Loose Split Screen.

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