Hell Let Loose Best Settings for Seeing Enemies

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Hell Let Loose prides itself on its realism, but sometimes, this beloved feature can get in the way. For example, it’s more difficult to see the enemy, and even when you kill them, the game doesn’t have any clear kill notification except a subtle sound.

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Not having the ability to know for sure whether you’ve seen the enemy or if you’re just imagining can be annoying. But don’t worry. There’s a way to hack it, and we’ll explain how below.

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Hell Let Loose Best Settings for Visibility

Gone are the COD days when you could just lower the graphics settings and be able to see people hiding in bushes like there was nothing there. Games got much more sophisticated, but there are tips and tricks that you can use to see the enemy players better and gain that edge you were looking for. After all, maybe they are using the same tricks, so you’re just leveling the playing field.

Changing Brightness

Maybe it’s obvious to some, but I didn’t think about this before writing this article, so I figured it would be useful! Editing your brightness based on which map you’ll be on can improve your gameplay greatly. When you’re playing darkish maps, bump your brightness to about 130-150% based on your personal preferences. Similarly, when you’re playing bright, snowy maps like Foy, decrease the brightness levels to about 70-80%.

Launch Options and DirectX 12

Forcing your system to use DirectX 12 can improve your overall game performance and visibility. All you need to do is right-click Hell Let Loose on Steam and go to Properties > General > Launch Options. When there, insert this command:


Alongside forcing your system to use DirectX 12, you’ll give it a command to use all available cores for Hell Let Loose, improving the game’s performance and fps.

In-game Graphics Settings

Many players have their own preferences when it comes to these settings but here we will give you the optimal settings for FPS that will also help you spot enemy soldiers easier.

  • Dead Bodies Despawn Delay – 0.5 min. This will prevent your system from loading unnecessary items and will, at the same time, declutter your screen, preventing you from thinking that dead bodies are living enemies lying down. I actually saw a situation where dead bodies even stood up leaning against a trench wall, so it’s best when you have these disappear ASAP.
  • Player nameplate opacity – around 60-70%. Making the nameplates of friendlies transparent will help you better see any enemies behind them.
  • Shadow Settings – low. Lowering shadows always improves the FPS, but on top of that, you will have an easier time spotting enemies that are lurking in the shadows of buildings or big vehicles.
  • FX Quality – low. Similar to Shadow Settings, lowering the effects of explosions, fire, and smoke, for example, will allow you to spot better enemies moving around them.
  • View Distance – high. You want to see as far as possible when trying to conquer/defend the strategic point, right?

We hope you get a better experience with our tips! Read more on Hell Let Loose in our other guides How to Unlock Sniper in Hell Let Loose and How to Get a Tank in Hell Let Loose.

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