Hell Let Loose: New Maps (2024)

Where will you fight now?
Hell let loose mortain
Image by Expression Games

When I first saw Hell Let Loose, I immediately thought, “This is Gen Z’s Call of Duty.” The game’s realistic battles and strategy moments not only built up this game but kept it afloat, which is one of the hardest things to do in today’s gaming competition.

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Even though Hell Let Loose let some of its former developers loose (pun intended), the new team behind Expression Games has decided to keep this game what it is and upgrade it even further. That’s why everyone is excited to see new maps and updates that await us.

Keep reading to learn what you can expect from Hell Let Loose in 2024.

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What Are the New Maps in Hell Let Loose?

The developers have teased not multiple but one new map called Mortain for Hell Let Loose in 2024. This new Warfare and Offensive map already had its first public testing on Steam in late January and will be released soon for everyone.

You can see the tactical map of Mortain in development below.

Image by Expression Games

The developers haven’t given out the exact date for the Mortain map, but there is also a piece of information circulating around saying that the next patch (14.8) will be the one to bring bigger changes and content updates. Fingers crossed!

How Will Mortain Look Like?

Mortain was a commune in Normandy, France, and the place of a real battle where US and German forces fought in 1944. The Hell Let Loose Mortain map will feature a couple of Capture Points, and those are:

  • Hill 314
  • Petite Chappelle Saint-Michel
  • Hotel De La Poste
  • German Recon Camp
  • Destroyed German Convoy

There will probably be some changes to the Mortain map as the developer team is still collecting information from public tests, but the overall vibe of the map and setup will likely stay the same.

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