Company of Heroes 3 Armies Explained

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Company of Heroes 3 will have you waging mighty war in the hellscape of World War 2. With four playable armies, each with their own strengths and drawbacks, you’ll be fighting alongside your troops in a variety of fronts. If you wanted a basic explanation of all four armies to decide which one you’ll want to play with first, then you’ve come to the right place.

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All Armies in Company of Heroes 3 Explained

Company of Heroes 3 has four armies for you to take control of. Three of them, the US Forces, the British Forces, and the Deutsche Afrikakorps are playable in the single-player campaign, but the Wehrmacht is only accessible through multiplayer games. Below are the basics to familiarize yourself with each army.

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The British Forces

Embrace the art of forcing your enemies to come to you with the British Forces. Out of all the armies, the British Forces boast the best artillery units, allowing you to bombard your opponents from afar. Don’t worry about exerting yourself too much when your shells of destruction can weaken all attacking forces. Featuring the likes of the Bishop Self-Propelled Artillery Platform and the Indian Heavy Mortar Crews, your armies will be the crawling terror that will constantly harass enemy lines.

Be very careful with your artillery, however, as they are slow and vulnerable to flanking and strikes. You will need to ensure they are protected and you’ll have to make sure the enemy doesn’t make any opportunistic strikes to take them down.

The US Forces

Since the First World War, the US Forces have specialized in dropping in out of nowhere and punishing any local enemies with devastating weaponry. In Company of Heroes 3, this sentiment is represented through the use of paratroopers and strong commando units. The versatility of the paradrop feature allows the US Forces to harass the enemy behind their own lines or support squads from afar. The crack infantry units can take down tanks and soldiers alike with ease, whilst maintaining high mobility.

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Just be careful, as infantry units are only so tough. Any effective anti-infantry strategy by enemy players can unravel any plans you might have. The reliance on strategic plays with the infantry is the US Forces’ downfall, especially as their armor units are generally weaker than other armies. Make good use of aerial superiority to support your troops!

The Deutsche Afrikakorps

Rommel’s rolling army hosts a plethora of armored units and has assistance from Italian soldiers. With unique tanks, such as the Flammpanzer III, you’ll be crushing and pushing your enemy punishingly. Additionally, the Afrikakorps soldiers are competent engineers, being able to repair tanks in the heat of battle. With the 18-ton Recovery Half-Track, the soldiers can bring destroyed tanks back to life to unleash even more hell upon their enemies.

Naturally, being so reliant on armored units leaves you open to anti-tank squads and maneuvers, and artillery strikes could really cripple your efforts. Make sure to keep forcing your enemies into positions where your tanks have an environmental advantage, to lay waste to their pitiful attack attempts.

The Wehrmacht

If you’ve played any sort of World War 2 game before, you’ll already know the power of a German army. With devastating armored units and terrifying infantry, the Wehrmacht is a very strong army. With classic tanks like the Tiger Heavy Tank and Panzer IV and powerful infantry units such as the Jager Squads, you’ll be bullying enemy infantry and armor alike. You will want to maintain on the offensive to keep your enemies overwhelmed and vulnerable.

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Be very careful of enemy air support and artillery strikes. If you give them a chance to really build up in those departments, they’ll not only seriously slow your assault down, but they’ll start destroying your armies before they’ve had their piece of the action. Playing as the Wehrmacht means you must keep up the heat and keep up the pace before their rain hellfire from above.

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