All Factions in Company of Heroes 3

Allied and Axis forces come to North Africa and Italy in Company of Heroes 3.
Company of Heroes | Image provided by SEGA

Company of Heroes 3 depicts the often forgotten North African and Italian campaigns in World War II. This real-time strategy game allows players to assume the role of Allied Forces in Italy, and Axis forces in North Africa. Relic Entertainment chose to develop and depict the Mediterranean theatre of war after considering requests from Company of Heroes 2 players.

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Who Are the Factions in Company of Heroes 3?

Company of Heroes Factions | Image by SEGA
Company of Heroes Factions | Image by SEGA

Allied Power: United Kingdom

In CoH 3, the British Forces rely upon their Commonwealth to take a stand against Axis troops, and you’ll see this reflected in the game. This is the best-starting faction for new players or for returning players who want to get a feel for the game as the tech tree is rather easy to follow.

Allied Power: United States

If you want to play an aggressive game, consider playing the American forces. This faction provides variety in terms of combined arms and mobility. If you like tanks, this is your go-to faction for Company of Heroes 3.

Axis Power: Wehrmacht

Representing the general combined German forces, the Wehrmacht excel at counterattacks and busting through enemy lines. Familiar to existing players of the game, this faction is a classic choice in the play of this devastating war.

Axis Power: Afrikakorps

The Africakorps excel at calling in Battlegroup support and mastering the North African Deserts. If you want versatility, mobility, and finesse on the battlefield, give this faction a try.

Players can also hear about more forces through Battlegroups and dialog references. For example, as the Afrikakorps, you can call in the Gustatori and the Italian Bersaglieri to aid you. Additionally, the Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack (available for digital download on Steam) provides content inspired by real-life first commando units, with new cosmetics.

Company of Heroes 3 also features new Tactical Pause and destruction systems along with partisan non-player characters (NPCs) that can take directions from players to enhance the reality of a wartime experience.


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