How to Get Started With GTA RP: Beginners Guide

Role-playing is an activity older than video games themselves. However, interest in RP has never been higher. A significant portion of that growth can be attributed to the explosion of GTA RP on popular streaming websites like Twitch.

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If you’re ready to give GTA role-playing a try, you may be unsure how to get started. This GTA RP guide offers everything you need to join a server and create your very own RP character in the GTA universe.

What is a GTA RP Server?

GTA RP servers are essentially isolated versions of GTA online that have been modded. Players can join them as a custom-made NPC character instead of one of the game’s main characters. Role-playing adds new flavor to the Grand Theft Auto universe while opening up a world of possibilities for entrancing gameplay.

How do you join a roleplay in GTA?

The first step in joining a GTA RP server is finding one. The top GTA RP servers are as follows:

  • NoPixel
  • USA Realism
  • Department of Justice
  • Subversion
  • Project Phoenix

Once you’ve decided on a server, your next step will generally be applying to that server’s moderation team. They’ll ask you a little about yourself and the kind of character that you’d like to play. 

When your application is accepted, you’ll join that server’s community, and you can then start role-playing with other gamers. However, before you’re able to log in, you have to download the specific GTA Online mod, depending on your RP server.

How to download GTA RP Mods

The answer to this question will vary from server to server, as each will requires its own mod installs. However, the most commonly used GTA RP mod is called FiveM. You can follow this guide to download it. Note, you may have to disable your antivirus program during the install process. You’ll also need to install the base-version of GTA V on your computer and complete its latest update.

How Do I Create an RP Character?

The magic in role-playing has always come from the characters gamers create. A good character will breathe new life into the world it lives in. However, creating an RP character can feel like a challenge if you’ve never done it before. To overcome this, you’ll want to focus on three important aspects of character development.


Role-playing characters are made real by their personalities. Yours has to be consistent, believable, and intriguing without being overly-ambitious. When creating your RP character’s personality, think about how they view themselves and how they present while interacting with others.

It can be interesting to play with a disparity between how your character views themselves and how others will view them. For instance, one famous streamer created a GTA RP character that believed himself to be a hardened criminal mastermind and best-selling rapper. 

However, his actions demonstrated that he was more of a pathetic low-life than anything. This kind of dichotomy can make for hilarious moments and more interesting character arcs.


Character history is another important part of coming up with a strong role-playing persona. When getting starting, take the time to think about your character’s family and the events that turned them into who they are today. Do they have a spouse? Any siblings? How are those relationships? What made them successful or turned them sour?


Successful role-playing characters also use appearance as a part of the narrative-crafting process. However, appearance is more than just what your character wears. It also includes how they speak and the body language they use while doing so. Use all three of these aspects of appearance to make your RP character stand out.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Role-playing can take a while to get used to. Don’t worry too much if you aren’t an expert right away. The most important thing you can do is try. Over time and with dedicated effort, you’ll surely join the ranks of the role-playing elite. The tips in this GTA RP guide should be more than enough to get you started.


Can you play GTA 5 Roleplay Xbox one?

There are no dedicated role play servers on console, but there are RP groups you can join. Players in these groups make lobbies to organize roleplay events.

Is GTA Roleplay free?

GTA RP is done through mods of the normal multiplayer game. As long as you have the base GTA V game, you can participate in roleplay by downloading mods like FiveM for free.