GTA Online The Fleeca Job Heist Guide

GTA Online The Fleeca Job Heist Guide

Heist missions are a part of Grand Theft Auto Online that were introduced in the Heists Update back in 2015. Since then, they have evolved and become more complex. Heists are a series of missions that player pull-off to steal large sums of money. In our GTA Online The Fleeca Job Heist guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to successfully complete it.

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GTA Online The Fleeca Job Heist Guide

The first and easiest heist in GTA Online is called The Fleeca Job. Head into GTA Online and you will receive a call from Lester asking to meet at his warehouse. You can pull up the map and look for an L on the map, just like you normally would in offline mode.

When you meet up with him Lester will explain he is working on setting up a job, and will get back to you with some details. Lester will call you again later, and when you arrive at your apartment you’ll have a planning room where you can manage your Heists.

GTA Online The Fleeca Job Heist Guide - Lester Explaining

To start some Heist missions, you can simply pull up your phone and head to the Quick Job menu. In there, you will see “Play Heist” at the top of the list. You can choose to join someone else’s heist or host your own. If you join someone else’s game, you’ll join their game and spawn in during whatever scene they’re at.

The Fleeca Job is a two-player Heist, so you’ll need a friend or wait for someone to join you. After filling up the lobby with one other player, you can begin the heist.

The Fleeca Job – Setup: Scope the Location

The first step is to scope the location for the heist. Hop in a vehicle and travel to the bank, during which Lester will fill you in on some details. You will need to sit outside the bank while Lester explains the plan. After arriving, you’ll go back to Lester’s warehouse to pick up Lester’s assistant and some equipment.

The other player will be tasked with getting into the bank’s network via a hacking app on their phone. This is a simple mini-game where the player has to solve a puzzle.

After going back to the warehouse, you will get in a new car and head to the garage with Page and Lester.

The Fleeca Job – Setup: Pick-up the Kuruma

The Heist board should be all setup, and Lester explains the next mission which is to steal a Kuruma vehicle from the Little Seoul part of the city. You will change your outfit, and then head out. When you arrive at your destination, you need to take the car and the passenger needs to be prepared for a shootout.

Get the car back to Lester while taking out anyone attacking you on the way, and you will get paid for the delivery.

GTA Online The Fleeca Job Heist Guide - Kuruma

The Fleeca Job Heist Guide

Now for the actual heist and how to do it. Once the setup has been complete, the heist leader will need to wait for a notification. The leader will need to invite the second player again for this part.

This heist consists of two roles: Driver and Driller. The total reward for The Fleeca Job is $115,000. Now, you’ll select some outfits and head to the bank in the Kuruma.

Driller is responsible for hacking the security so the job can begin. This is sent to the player’s phone on the hacking app, and it’s similar to the previous mini-game but a bit more challenging.

GTA Online The Fleeca Job Heist Guide - Hacking

Next, the Driller opens the door with his phone and both players need to equip their masks. Enter the bank, and the Driver will need to take out 4 security cams in the lobby and down the corridor to the left. The Driller makes his way to the right to the vault.

The vault lock has four levels to it, and you just need to follow the on-screen directions. Don’t let the drill overheat or it will take longer than expected. During this time, the Driver needs to make sure the Bank Teller doesn’t sound the alarm or the job will fail. Keep the gun pointed at him and make sure his intimidation level is high by firing off a warning shot from time to time.

After the driller is done, he grabs the contents of the box and you can make your escape. You will see some cops out front, but you can get an elite accomplishment by not killing any cops and completing the heist within 5 minutes. You will also need to make sure the car takes less than 6% damage. This will grant you an extra $50,000.

Down the road, you’ll see some roadblocks. You can choose to carefully drive through them or around them off the road. Next, you’ll see a Cargobob with a giant magnet on it. Position your car under the magnet until it lifts you off the ground and your mission is complete.

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