GTA Online Series A Funding Heist Guide

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist Guide

With GTA 5 free on the Epic Games Store, fans of the single-player game will want to check out GTA Online’s fourth heist job, Series A Funding. It features fan-favorite protagonist/lunatic Trevor Philips in a job that takes place before the events of GTA 5. Here’s our GTA Online Series A Funding heist guide, which will walk you through everything you need to know about the game’s fourth big job.

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GTA Online Series A Funding Heist Guide

You’ve beaten The Fleeca Job, The Prison Break, and Humane Labs Raid and think you’re starting to get the hang of this, but Lester is going to throw you a curveball. As with all heists, you should stock up on heavy armor before starting each mission. 

Lester will call you mentioning “some redneck drug dealer asked a friend of a friend of a friend…” needing help with a score. After the call, a new heist should be available at your apartment.

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist – SETUP: COKE

During the cutscene featuring the Trevor Philips Industries pitch, you will find out you need to steal some “product” from some frat boy dealers on a yacht. There are two teams of two: the Boat Team and the Helicopter Team.

When the mission starts the Boat Team needs to take their boat to the yacht and find the side with the lower deck. It is possible to jump onto the yacht from your boat, but there are also ladders that you can swim to. As this is all happening The Helicopter Team should also be heading towards the yacht and get ready to start shooting from the sky.

The Boat Team will have to deal with enemies and tight spaces inside the yacht while the Helicopter Team should take out everyone on the decks. The drug packages are inside the engine room.

The mission implies that the Helicopter Team should land on the yacht and take the packages at the front of the yacht, however landing on the yacht can be tricky and destroying the helicopter will result in a failure. We recommend landing on the pier and assisting the Boat Team with sniper rifles. The Boat Team can collect all the packages and make it out much easier. The Helicopter Team should also be taking out the police that will eventually show up.

With the packages collected, all four of you need to lose your wanted level before heading back to the warehouse. Upon arriving at the warehouse, the mission is complete.

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist – SETUP: TRASH TRUCK

Trevor and Ron want you to steal a trash truck from the Vagos and use it to steal trash bags full of… you’ve guessed it. More drugs. Like the last mission, there will be two teams of two, this time the Operators and the Collectors.

The mission starts with you having to head to South LS Recycling. Follow the GPS to the recycling center where the Trash Trucks are located. Clear out all the Vagos and steal one of the trash trucks. The Operators stay in the two front seats while the Collectors ride hanging on the back.

Drive towards the new marker on Forum Drive to the first pick-up. As expected, the Collectors need to hop off the truck and collect the pill-filled bags and put them in the back of the trash truck. After the Collectors have jumped back on the truck head towards the next marker on Capital Boulevard.

Upon arriving, you will see there are three bags this time. After the first bag is collected a Vagos ambush will start. While the game tells the Operators to protect the Collectors, it is much easier to stay in the truck, pull up close to the bags and have the Collectors grab them as quickly as possible. Once everyone is back on the truck, follow the GPS to Supply Street.

There is an alley that the bags are in. Just like before, we recommend getting the truck as close to the bags as possible. You can achieve this by maneuvering across the street and backing up the alley after the ambush is triggered. If done correctly, the Operators should not have to leave the truck. With all the bags collected head towards the last stop on Vespucci Boulevard.

The marker will lead you to an intersection that will soon have Vagos coming from every direction. Similar to the last stop, you can back the truck down the alley to get close to the bags. This time the passenger Operator should exit the truck and keep the enemies at bay. The Vagos will be coming in on vehicles, so explosives are a good idea to take out multiple enemies at a time. When the last bag is collected, get in the truck and hightail it out of there.

There is one last encounter with the Vagos on the way back to the warehouse. Keep shooting them and don’t stop driving. The timer and enemies will disappear when you get close enough to the warehouse. Follow the GPS to the point and the mission is completed.

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist – SETUP: BIKERS

The next thing Trevor needs is some meds found inside of two vans owned by the Lost. Stealth is required for the main part of the mission. Fortunately, it’s more bearable than the other stealth missions found in the game. This mission has no teams.  

The mission starts with you needing to head to Trevor’s trailer, followed by instruction to get to the nearby Dinghy. While at the trailer you can get your hands on some silenced weapons if you don’t have them already. 

After reaching the Dinghy, get in and start heading to the next marker on the shore by the Lost camp.  Get out of the Dinghy and approach the camp quietly. Getting seen or heard by the Lost will result in a failed mission.

Before stealing the vans, you are informed you need to take out all the Lost MC without alerting them. Try to coordinate with your crew a way to take them all out without raising suspicion. 

With all the Lost MC taken out, head to the north side of the camp where the vans are. Upon entering the vans, another assault will start. We suggest breaking off into pairs with one wheelman and one gunman in each van. 

Quickly drive back to the warehouse while taking out as many Lost as possible. If ignored they can be a problem. When you arrive at the warehouse, you’ll have another setup mission in the bag.

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist – SETUP: WEED

Trevor has caught wind of a grow operation at the sawmill. He has Ron brief you on two Bensons carrying “product” that they want stolen. This time the crew is split into three teams, the Ground Team, Lookout West, and Lookout East.

After the cutscene, start heading to the sawmill. Once there, everyone needs to head to their respective positions. The Bensons are on the other side of the sawmill, which means the Ground Team needs to fight their way through.  The Lookouts can snipe a ton of enemies from their spots, but there will be some that they won’t be able to see, once the Ground Team gets closer to the mill.

When the Ballas have been reduced to manageable numbers the Ground Team should head for the two Bensons, each taking one. The Lookout Teams need to start heading closer to the mill where they will be prompted to steal the Technical, a pickup truck with a mounted gun. With all the vehicles stolen, head out of the area towards the new marker, but stay together.

The Lookout Team should stay in front of the two Ground Team Bensons and clear out the roadblocks the enemies have set up for you. A lot of this section will depend on how good your gunner is because eventually you will also have Ballas chasing you in cars as well. They need to be taken out quickly before they become overwhelming. 

Fortunately, the goal is to make it back to the warehouse and doesn’t say anything about taking out all the enemies. As long as all three vehicles make it into the warehouse, the mission will be completed.

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist – SETUP: STEAL METH

This last setup mission has you going to the O’Neil Brothers’ farm to steal a tanker filled with “meth juice”. No teams for this straightforward mission.

First thing is head to the farm and upon arrival, you’re told to kill all the meth dealers.
Start off using range to reduce their numbers. The farmhouse is filled with dealers, so try to take as many out through the windows before entering. 

As you make ground, the objective will change to steal the tanker. To do this, grab one of the Phantom big rigs and back up to the tank for it to attach. This will start a timer that requires you to get to the gas station in time.

There are plenty of other vehicles for whoever isn’t driving the truck to grab and help defend the tank. If the tank takes too much damage, you will fail the mission. When the tank is at the gas station, you will finally be able to start the heist.

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist Guide

Someone’s tipped off the Vagos, the Ballas, the Frat Boys, the Lost, and the O’Neils to where all their stolen product is and Ron is freaking out over it. He wants you to save the stuff, which is in two vans and hopefully save Trevor too. The crew is split into two teams for this heist, Lookout North and Lookout South.

Start by heading to the warehouse and taking position inside. Each team needs to cover a door found on the opposite ends of the warehouse. Enemies will start to come from both sides in cars and start attacking. Explosives can be useful here to take them out quickly. Another strategy is for one person from each team, take the Karin Technical out and mow most of the enemies down.

After taking out enough enemies, you will be prompted to take the vans to the drop off. This part should feel very familiar. Each van needs one driver and the rest of the crew should use the Technical to protect them, just like the Weed setup mission.

When you enter the van a timer will start. Destroying the vans or running out of time will result in a failure. On the way to the dropoff, there will be a ton of different enemies gunning for you. The gunner on the Technical should prioritize any helicopters that appear. 

Follow the GPS to the lighthouse and you will have finished the heist! Enjoy one last cutscene with Trevor and you are ready to move on to the final heist, The Pacific Standard Job. I hope this GTA Online Series A Funding Heist Guide helped you out. Congratulations on completing the heist!

GTA Online Series A Funding Heist Guide

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