GTA Online Prison Break Heist Guide

After completing The Fleeca Job, the next heist is a big step up terms of difficulty and rewards. Prison Break is a four-man job, and you will need to pick up two more people, assuming the player from your last heist is still your friend. In this GTA Online Heist guide, we’ll walk you through the steps for successfully pulling off Prison Break.

GTA Online Prison Break Heist Guide

Once again, you need to wait for the man Lester to give you a call. Set-up cost for this one is $40,000 and you will need to rescue Maxim Rashkovsky from prison. There are four set-up jobs required before heading into the actual job.

Prison Break – Setup 1: Plane

The first setup job is the plane. One player will be piloting the plane while the other three crew members are on the ground. The ground team needs to be in a car together and head to McKenzie Airfield. You’ll be on the radar, so lookout for enemy gunfire.

After arriving, everyone needs to be killed and you must locate the plane, which can be found at the end of the runway. Make sure the runway is completely clear for take-off so there aren’t any issues.

The pilot will need to fly south to the yellow landing zone, after which you get paid for completing the setup. As always, wait for the notification on your phone for the next part.

GTA Online Heist Guide Prison Break - Setup 1

Prison Break – Setup 2: Bus

Invite your team back together for the second setup, which will be the bus. You can find it on the heist board. Some GPS coordinates for the bus will be added onto your map, so head there and take out the driver so you can steal the bus. You will need to lose the cops, and take down the helicopter guarding it.

After losing the cops, head to the drop off location but be sure to avoid police. That’s all you need to do for this part, and it’s pretty straight-forward. Important note: you can immediately hop out of the bus, lose the cops in your car, and come back for the bus later.

GTA Online Heist Guide Prison Break - Setup 2

Prison Break – Setup 3: Station

The next setup involves two teams for the Cargo Ship and the Cop Station. One team, dressed in police attire, will need to steal a police cruiser and get some files. Call the police on your phone, and take their way when they show up. You can also just steal any cop car you see. Also, get rid of your wanted level after that’s done.

Head to the cop station to the yellow marked location and go in but act normal. Head inside and stealthily grab the files and go back out to the car. Nobody should pay any attention to you. Get back in the car and head to an area to light the car ablaze. Bring the files back to the planning room.

GTA Online Heist Guide Prison Break - Station

As this is happening, the Cargo Ship team must retrieve a car. Kill guards on the Cargo Ship and open a container with the car inside. Get in and drive it away to complete the mission.

GTA Online Heist Guide Prison Break - Cargo Ship

Prison Break – Setup 4: Wet Work

The final setup is another two team job, where one is responsible for going to City Hall and the other to the Mansion. City Hall team will go to a rooftop location and take out a couple lawyers as they make their way up to City Hall. Take them both out at the same time.

Retrieve the briefcase one of the lawyers was carrying, which is no easy task due to all the cops. You’ll need a fast car to pull this off smoothly. Lose the cops and deliver everything back to the heist room.

GTA Online Heist Guide Prison Break - Wet Work Setup

The Mansion Team needs to head over to a building to take out some guards. There’s a target that must be killed, so be sure to hunt him down and take him out. You can just start firing your weapons out front, and the target might come out to you. After complete, head back to the planning room and it’s time for the main heist.

Prison Break Heist: Main Job

To preface this heist, it’s not easy and you might die. The four members in this job are Pilot, Demolition, Prisoner, and Prisoner Officer. The Prison Officer and Prisoner will be traveling together to get the bus that was stolen during the setup mission. The Pilot grabs a small plane and the Demolition steals a helicopter after destroying a prison bus.

Prisoner team, aka the ground team, drives to the prison in the fake bus and heads inside. While this is happening, the Demolition man is destroying the real bus and capturing the helicopter. The Demolition player can do whatever he wants for a while, as long as the plane pilot waits until 2:40 to leave the airfield.

As the ground team, be sure to stock up on food and armor cause you’re going to take a lot of fire. Find your way over to Rashkobsky, but be careful because guards will spot you and swarm the area. The goal is to take them out and find Rashkovsky who will start following you when you get close enough. He will stay in cover until you take out all of the Noose.

The Pilot will be on their way to pick the Prisoner team up in the plane, while the Demolition takes out any planes trying to destroy the getaway plane. Recommended note: you can largely avoid this part if the plane pilot waits until 2:40 left before leaving the airfield. The Pilot will encounter some pursuing fighter jets that must be evaded.

The ground team will need to get into an armored car and get out of the prison. Demolition is responsible for fending off police choppers and armored vehicles.

GTA Online Heist Guide Prison Break - Armored Car

The Pilot should be waiting at a location for everyone except for the Demoman to get there. After the other people arrive, everyone can take off with the pilot, but there will be a ton of people trying to get you. Demolition should still be in the Buzzard taking out choppers, and the Pilot should be trying to lose the cops.

GTA Online Heist Guide Prison Break - Pilot

After losing the cops, you need to head to the marker and wait for Demolition to make their way back and pick everyone up. Parachute down but be sure not to die because if anyone dies, even at this point, you need to re-do everything. I repeat, DO NOT get chopped up by the helicopter blade. Demolition will head back to the city and the job will be complete.

GTA Online Heist Guide Prison Break

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