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How to Complete ‘This is an Intervention’ in GTA Online

Back at it Again ...
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Don’t you just hate it when a business acquaintance is abducted by a seemingly infinite-in-number force of white-clothed militants? If so, that’s exactly what you’re forced to cope with in one mission in Grand Theft Auto Online, entitled This is an Intervention.

In this mission, while you’d think your goal is to free Labrat from the ambiguously antagonistic force that’s taken them … it’s actually to systematically eradicate the force entirely. It would seem that this mission is actually the first in the newest DLC for GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars, The Last Dose. So, while Labrat is abducted during this mission, it’s implied that the story continues in future missions.

But, before you reach those missions, you’ve gotta complete ‘This is an Intervention’ first. Read on to learn how to finish this mission with little trouble.

How to Complete ‘This is an Intervention’ in GTA Online


In all honesty, this mission is fairly straightforward. In order to begin, you’ll have to navigate to Dax’s icon. If you’re looking at the map, it’s represented by a yellow D. But if you played The First Dose, you’ll know it’s the Freakshop. As soon as you’ve stepped into the mission marker as is the usual by this point, you’ll enter the building to find Labrat … doing whatever it is Labrat does.

It would appear that the man is having a long, long, road trip, and shortly after Dax decides it’s somehow a good idea to launch a rocket in his direction, he’s kidnapped. So, it becomes our responsibility to erase these kidnappers from the face of the globe. It can be tough given the limited ammo and the amount of enemies, but this mission is more than doable. It depends on how well you can utilize cover, as well as how well you can conserve your precious ammunition.

Take Out the Choppa!

At several points in the mission, you’ll be bombarded with enemy choppers. And, your first instinct might be to explode them. But, a better idea is probably to aim for the pilot and take them out that way. If you can’t catch them in your sights, then you could probably just take them out the old fashioned way. But in the end it’s entirely up to you and your playstyle.

Do your best to stay alive and keep your aim steady, and you’ll overcome this trial with ease. At some point, the mission will change focus and instead of defending against this force, you’ll be attacking them as they flee. Once you’ve reached this point, you should have it in the bag. Return to Dax, and get ready for the second mission of The Last Dose. To continue this quest line, explore the world until Dax calls you, and then head back to the Freakshow.

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To unlock the exclusive Floral Güffy Pool Sliders clothing set in GTA Online, complete This is an Intervention. It would seem that, after completing this mission, you can head to a clothing store and find this set. But, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth doing now, or after you’ve completed The Last Dose.

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