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Ghost of Tsushima Early Game Upgrades: Beginner’s Guide

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world samurai role-playing game with a huge map and lots of content to work through. With so many options, deciding what to do in the game will determine how difficult it is for you. We have some tips and tricks you can use to unlock stances and early game upgrades quickly.

Ghost of Tsushima Early Game Upgrades

There is a lot to do on Tsushima Island, so we thought it would be useful to provide some beginner tips. In this Ghost of Tsushima beginner’s guide, we’ll show you some places to get early game upgrades and other useful tips. 

Traveler’s Attire

Early in the game, you will want to head to the undiscovered location on the map. Clear the Ogawa Dojo and talk to the merchant that shows up. You can pick up the Traveler’s Attire from this vendor, a useful armor set that lets you get rid of more fog of war as you explore. Throw this outfit on when you’re exploring so you can reveal the map more efficiently. You can also upgrade the Traveler’s Attire, which grants the following perks:

  • Traveler’s Attire II: Travelling clears 20% more fog
    • Supplies x250
    • Linen x10
  • Traveler’s Attire III: Travelling clears 30% more fog
    • Supplies x500
    • Linen x20
    • Leather x10

Try and unlock the upgrades as soon as possible, because clearing fog of war without them can take a while.

Water Stance

Head over to the undiscovered location to the east after acquiring the Traveler’s Attire. Once you’re at Yoichi’s Crossroads, jump over the fence and stealthily “Observe Leader” by pressing R2. Observing the leaders before killing them is often a bonus objective. 

After observing him, you can then do a standoff. You unlock the Water Stance after killing the leader in this camp. Water Stance lets you finish enemies with shields a lot more easily, so it’s a critical stance to get early on. Completing the Traveler’s Attire and Water Stance will make exploring the other nearby areas a lot easier.

Hot Springs, Fox Dens, Shrines

There are various locations around the map to increase different aspects of your character. Hot Springs, for instance, grant you more overall health. You can find these throughout the map, like near the Golden Temple. 

Other locations you will likely see a lot of is Fox Dens and Shrines. You can interact with Shrines to unlock different charms and influence your character stats. Completing Fox Dens is a way to unlock more charm slots.

Golden Temple

You will reach the Golden Temple location by working through The Tale of Lady Masako. There is a Gift Altar here, with a person standing at it. Interacting with them unlocks a new gift, but also gives you more gifts for completing side missions. Open up your map and place your cursor over the Golden Temple. From there, you can see a list of available Gifts and Upgrades in the location. 

Head to the Swordsmith and upgrade your weapon with some Iron and Steel, as long as you have some. To upgrade your Sakai Katana, you will need the following materials. 

  • Sakai Katana II: Supplies x150, Iron x10
  • Sakai Katana III: Supplies x300, Iron x25, Steel x5
  • Sakai Katana IV: Supplies x450, Iron x40, Steel x10, Gold x1

By level four, you will likely run out of materials and have to farm for more. There is the Old Trading Post location to the northwest of the Golden Temple. Clear that area out to collect more iron. Like your weapon, you should also make sure to upgrade your armor whenever possible. 

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