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How to Get the God of War Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

How to Get the God of War Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Game studios sure seem to collaborate a lot with each other these days, especially compared to how insular things were 20 years ago. Admittedly, some crossovers require a little extra creativity; for one thing, when I think God of War, the last thing I think of is “armor.” Google “Kratos,” and I guarantee the first result will be him topless, or with a pauldron at most. But Sucker Punch wanted a set of God of War armor in Ghost of Tsushima, and by gum, they made it work. Here’s how to get the God of War armor in Ghost of Tsushima.

With the release of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PlayStation 5, a new area has been added to the game: Ikki Island. Ikki Island is exclusive to the Director’s Cut, and features several armor sets based on prominent Sony-affiliated game franchises. The God of War-themed set can be found at the aptly named Shrine of Ash on Ikki Island. Because, y’know, Kratos is covered in the ash of- never mind, here’s how to get the armor.

How to Get the God of War Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

The Shrine of Ash can be found in the eastern part of the island, denoted with a tall birch tree with a yellow handprint on it, a chain wrapped around the base, and a hatchet embedded in it. Near the chain is a scroll with a riddle that hints at how to obtain the armor.

“In fall, a tree fruits which grow from seed to sapling, a stranger and son. Boy, honor your father’s fight. Show him the strength of your blade.”

Basically, what this is telling you to do is wear the Sakai Clan armor that Jin’s father wore, obtained during Act 2 of the game’s story. After you’ve donned the armor, swipe right across the DualSense touch pad to unsheathe your sword. Do this in front of the tree, and you’ll get a brief cutscene where your armor takes on the colors of Kratos’ ashen skin. You’ll receive these colors as a dye for your Sakai Clan armor, as well as the Helm of War and Spartan Mask.

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