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Ghost of Tsushima August 28 Patch Notes (Version 2.07)

The Ghost of Tsushima August 28 patch notes are now available, fixing Fundoshi armor.
Ghost of Tsushima 2.07 Patch

Ghost of Tsushima has been receiving steady updates over the last few weeks as the developers continue to work hard to perfect the game. This week’s patch includes more bug fixes and quality of life improvements. The major focus of this patch is the restoration of the Fundoshi armor to the New Game+ players who may have previously lost access. Here are all of the Ghost of Tsushima August 28 patch notes.

Ghost of Tsushima August 28 Patch Notes (Version 2.07)

Here are all of the changes for the Ghost of Tsushima Version 2.07 Update:

• Restored missing Fundoshi for some New Game+ players who had lost access to it.
• Addressed an issue where replayed missions would not grant the proper rewards until the game was reloaded.
• Addressed an issue where some supply boxes could be restocked upon checkpoint reload.
• Addressed an issue where giving the hut builder supplies then skipping the cutscene would still take the supplies but not complete the objective.
• Addressed an issue where players were not able to join in-progress Legends Survival matches via matchmaking.
• Reduced the length of haptic feedback when fast traveling
• Addressed some issues related to Activity Cards.
• Addressed an issue with Legends leaderboards visibility.
• Various UI improvements, bug and crash fixes.

This Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut update has a healthy amount of bug fixes along with some minor UI improvements. Besides the Fundoshi armor fix, the developers also fixed some matchmaking issues for Legends Survival matches. The previous 2.06 patch had far fewer updates but addressed a serious game-breaking issue with players being unable to make progress on Iki Island if they were using Sakai Armor.

Stay up-to-date with Ghost of Tsushima as the developers continue to polish the game by following our website’s patch notes section.

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