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Genshin Impact “We Will Be Reunited” Quest Guide

Genshin Impact “We Will Be Reunited” Quest Guide

The next major chapter in Genshin Impact’s story begins with the “We Will Be Reunited” quest. To begin this quest, you need to be Adventure Rank 36 or above and have done a few prerequisite quests (see which quests in the game’s Notices menu).

This guide will be as spoiler-free as can be. It will mostly be a walkthrough of what you’ll experience in the quest and tips that might be helpful to know before or while you play!

How to complete We Will Be Reunited in Genshin Impact

Follow along with our Genshin Impact “We Will Be Reunited” quest guide.

Enter “Call of the Abyss” Domain

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind before entering this Domain:

  • Best character choices: Xiao, Keqing, Ganyu, Venti, Lisa, Diona
  • Use Elemental Sight to break all the crates. You’ll find treasure chests behind them!

Walking into the Domain triggers a door to open. Go through, then jump across the pit and drop down to find a group of Hilichurls with a Samachurl. Defeat them all and continue deeper into the Domain (grabbing all the treasure chests as you go)!

Bubble Run

This will be a familiar trial to those who participated in the Peculiar Domain challenge from the Windblume Festival event. Arrows won’t pop the bubbles, so do your best to dodge the oncoming bubbles by sprinting and using the safe zones to either side. Stand at the edge of these safe zones and turn the camera to peer around the corner for approaching bubbles. 

There will be two treasure chests to collect during this Bubble Run. They are hidden in the last safe zone, one on each side of the slope.

Genshin Impact “We Will Be Reunited” Quest Guide - Bubble Run

After dropping down a hole in the ground, watching a cutscene, and exiting to the left of the Domain, you’ll stumble upon a second Bubble Run that’s a bit different from the first. Waste no time on any of the platforms because they disappear seconds after stepping on them. 

Gamer Tip: DON’T step on the second platform when running to the safe zones, or else you’ll have to jump off and start over.

If you want to find two common treasure chests during this Bubble Run, stay to the left and break the crates in the safe zones. After completing the bubble run, there will be a treasure chest waiting for you behind some crates. Head further in to enjoy a cutscene!

Abyss Herald Battle Guide

Genshin Impact “We Will Be Reunited” Quest Guide - Abyss Herald

The Abyss Herald is a pretty simple battle, especially if you follow the in-game recommendation to include a Cryo character on your team. As always, make sure you have a way to heal yourself, in case the Abyss Herald hits harder than expected!

Watch him closely, as he will dart at you quickly with spinning water blades. If he hits you with one of his water skills, your character may have to wait longer than usual to use their Elemental Skill again.

If you’re having trouble, our advice is to keep your distance and try to use shields, healing abilities, or food dishes to support you. Otherwise, you might wanna hit the grind to level up your characters or weapons. 

More Fights With the Abyss

After clearing the Domain, you’ll have to travel to a few locations and defeat a number of enemies. 

Expect To Fight These Enemies

  • Abyss Mages (Cryo and Hydro) + Hilichurl (Melee)
  • Abyss Mages (Cryo and Hydro) + Ruin Hunter + Hilichurls (Archers and Melee)
  • Abyss Mages (Cryo and Pyro) + Ruin Guard + Hilichurls (Two Melee, Two Archers)

Bring a character that can make quick work of Abyss Mage shields (Elemental DMG breaks them quickest). We suggest mages like Lisa or Sucrose for these fights.

If you can elevate yourself during the Ruin Hunter fight, it will trigger a frenzied state where it flies up even further. After it enters this state, you have a few (stressful) seconds to hit its central core with an arrow shot to knock it out. Otherwise, prepare to be hit by some powerful rocket blasts.

Onward To Wolvendom

Expect To Fight These Enemies

  • Abyss Mage (Pyro) + Hilichurl group
  • Abyss Herald + Hilichurl (archers)

You can follow advice from earlier in this guide for these fights, as well. Keep in mind that the Abyss Herald can also create a Hydro elemental shield that must be damaged with a different elemental power. 

Reunite at the Domain

As you return to the Domain where you first met the Abyss Herald, Paimon doesn’t seem to notice that you’re taking an alternate path through the ruins (the left door opens this time). While the Domain is somewhat similar to your previous experience, there are some changes we’ve listed below.

Ultra Gliding Bubble Run!

So, it turns out Bubble Run can get more difficult. Our best advice is to take a leap of faith (yes, literally) and don’t be afraid to fall! Stick to the corners of the safe zones to avoid being trapped inside the bubbles that float into these areas.

You can find a treasure chest in both safe zones that are on the left!

Expect To Fight These Enemies 

  • Abyss Herald + Abyss Mages (Pyro + Hydro)

Gamer Tip: Taking out the Abyss Mages first will make your fight easier.

At the end of the battle, players will complete the quest and be rewarded with a monumental cutscene. Oh, and don’t forget to grab the Precious Chest before leaving the Domain! Congratulations, you’re done with Genshin Impact‘s first quest, “We Will Be Reunited,” of the next chapter.

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