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Genshin Impact Serpent’s Head Puzzle Solution

Genshin Impact Serpent's Head

Inazuma is chock full of puzzles, some easy and some a bit more challenging to complete. There is certainly no shortage of them, to say the least. The puzzle we’ll be taking a look at in this guide is found in Serpent’s Head, a central point of interest on Yashiori Island in Inazuma. You may have accidentally already uncovered this puzzle, but solving it can be a little confusing. We’ll walk you through each step of the way.

Genshin Impact Serpent’s Head Puzzle Solution

To solve the puzzle at Serpent’s Head, you can follow these steps:

  1. Travel to Serpent’s Head and make your way west
  2. Locate and follow the two Seelies around the Serpent’s Head
  3. Drop inside the now unlocked grate and unlock the next grate
  4. Activate the switches in the correct order to unlock the final grate
  5. Drop down and defeat the mini-boss

First, fast travel to the Serpent’s Head Fast Travel point, and make your way west to the Serpent’s Head rock formation. You should find two purple Seelies in this area. Follow them both to their final locations, and you should hear a grate unlock.

Drop inside the grate, and you will collect and Electroculus before falling onto another grate. Walk around the wall, and interact with the wall to open it. Next, you can drop down another level, and get to the actual puzzle.

There are five switches, and you must activate them in the proper order to open up the grate. The solution for the Serpent’s Head puzzle is as follows:

  1. Bottom right lever
  2. Top left lever
  3. Top right lever
  4. Bottom left lever
Genshin Impact Serpent's Head Puzzle Solution

After activating the switches in that order, the grate should automatically unlock for you. 

Opening up the final grate will reveal a Simple Tomb at the bottom of the cave, as well as an easy mini-boss. There are actually five other Simple Tomb locations around Yashiori Island, and finding them all unlocks a special achievement. 

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