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Who is Sayu in Genshin Impact?

Who is Sayu in Genshin Impact?
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As Inazuma draws near, MiHoYo has officially announced a new character, Sayu. In addition, more leaks and rumors have been surfacing about the Inazuma content. Now, new information about Sayu’s character is on the rise in Genshin Impact and we’re here to share it. Let’s take a look!

Please note: The content of this article is all speculation and does not fully represent the final product created by MiHoYo. 

Who is Sayu in Genshin Impact?

Unfortunately, not much is known about Sayu’s character traits or storyline. What we do know is that Sayu is a 4-Star character from Inazuma and is considered a “Mujina Ninja.” What exactly this means is unknown, however, it’s likely that it’ll play a role in a future Story Quest for Sayu (not confirmed, but very likely). Additionally, it seems Sayu will carry a doll-like figure known as a “Panda Daruma” that has a secondary purpose much like Klee, Amber, and Xiangling’s dolls.

What Weapon and Element Does Sayu Use?

Sayu’s weapon and element combination is rather unique compared to other Genshin Impact characters. She is expected to wield a Claymore as her weapon, and is gifted with an Anemo Vision. Not only is her choice of weapon interesting due to her small body size, the Claymore weapon also feels the least like her element: Anemo. Perhaps the Anemo ability actually helps her lift such a massive sword? Either that or she is incredibly strong for her size!

What are Sayu’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst?

Recent leaks and rumors suggest that Sayu will be a healer or support character in some regard. It appears her Elemental Burst will be similar to Diona’s in that she will create a healing circle after throwing her “Panda Daruma” forward. In addition to the healing, it will also do Anemo damage to nearby enemies. While there is some confusion about the wording of the ability, some believe it will lock onto a single target until a higher ascension level is reached. After ascending, it will turn into an AoE ability. 

Sayu’s Elemental Skill has two versions, according to the leaks. Upon activating the skill, she will do a burst of Anemo damage. If the button is held, however, she will turn into a ball (for 20 seconds) that can roll around without stamina usage. This will surely be useful for dodging and maneuvering in battles, as well as traveling in the open world. 

Predictions About Sayu

We think Sayu might actually have a similar ability to Klee, Qiqi, and Yanfei (based on appearances). A secondary skill for these characters is to see the location of nearby specialty items (like Cecilias, Windwheel Asters, etc) for the area they are from. Considering she’ll be from Inazuma, Sayu may be the first character introduced in the game to be able to find specialty items in Inazuma.

When is Sayu’s Release Date?

There hasn’t been an announcement regarding Sayu’s release date yet, however some speculation points to Version 1.7 or 1.8. Since she is thought to be a 4-Star character, it is likely that we will see her sooner than some of the 5-Star characters that have also been leaked. As always, check back here for more information as it comes!

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