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Genshin Impact Rhodeia’s Rage Guide

Genshin Impact Rhodeia's Rage Guide

The “Rhodeia’s Rage” challenge is the second half of Genshin Impact’s Wishful Drops event. After achieving 100% exploration progress in the first area of “Endora’s Education” (the first half of the event), you can challenge Rhodeia to earn a large sum of character experience. This Genshin Impact guide to “Rhodeia’s Rage” lays out the best characters to use, what to expect in battle, and how to earn valuable rewards.

Genshin Impact Rhodeia’s Rage Guide

Before you activate the fight, consider adding one of the characters from the screenshot below that receives a buff during this event. All of these characters will naturally be good choices, if you’re able to use them.

Genshin Impact Rhodeia's Rage Guide - Guidelines

In addition to the above, we highly recommend having at least one archer that can be your primary source of damage. Ganyu is our choice for the best character to use in the Oceanid boss fight. Quick reminder, also, that characters like Albedo and Zhongli lose their strength here because their geo constructs do not stay on the field. 

Rhodeia’s Moveset Details and Voice Lines

Here is a breakdown of the battle you’ll have in “Rhodeia’s Rage” and what to do to win!

  • Rhodeia’s Charge Attack: Rhodeia quickly charges at you. Use a shield to block or sprint to the side. Voice line: “The rising floods!” 
  • Rhodeia’s Bubble Bomb Attack: A large water bubble follows you and bursts after a few seconds. Voice line: “Contamination must be washed away!”
  • Your Turn: You have about 5 seconds after the large bubble bursts to attack Rhodeia. After that time is up, she’ll charge towards your character again, dive into the water, and eventually end up floating off the edge of the arena. Use this time to recover your stamina and get ready to dodge! 
  • Rhodeia’s Water Shots Attack: Two (or more) quick shots fly towards your characters. Voice line: “There is no escape!” Try to sprint away from the shots as best as you can. 
  • Rhodeia’s Backstroke: After she makes another large water bubble she leaves herself vulnerable for another small time frame. Try to keep your distance, however, as after that time is up she does a backflip and slaps the ground with her tail (potentially doing a lot of damage). 

Note: Rhodeia cycles between these moves (Charge, Bubble Bomb, Water Shots, and Backstroke) as time goes on!

Watch for Rhodeia’s Special Moves 

About a quarter of the way through her HP (or when you hear her cry out the voice line: “In the image of the wilderness!”) she will unleash creatures made of water that attack you. Ignore Rhodeia for now and defeat the water beasts. These creatures will consist of boars (yes, they WILL charge at you), squirrels, and crabs. 

After defeating the water beasts, Rhodeia returns to the field and yells the voice line: “Let the torrents surge forth.” Three sections on the field are flooded with whirlpools made of damage-inflicting water at this point. Your best bet is to stay out of their way and attack Rhodeia from afar. 

If you hear Rhodeia say the voice lines “River carving rapids” or “Surge of vengeance” she will begin charging up a powerful wave. Quickly run to the “Fitful Rapids”, which appear as glowing blue spots somewhere in the arena, and wait to be lifted upwards to dodge a barrage of attacks from Rhodeia. This is when you can do some real damage, as long as you have a bow. 

Caution yourself, because after the rapids calm down you will most likely fall into oncoming water beasts and/or Rhodeia charging into you. Your best bet is to try jumping off of the water rapids just as they begin to end. 

From this point on, Rhodeia and her water creations will continue to cycle through more powerful versions of her previous attacks. Do your best to learn the attack patterns laid out above so you can attack and dodge Rhodeia as much as possible. Note: You don’t need to defeat the water beasts as long as you defeat Rhodeia. Leaving them on the field will make things more difficult, however.

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