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How to Listen to the Genshin Impact Soundtrack

How to Listen to the Genshin Impact Soundtrack

Between fun gameplay and beautiful graphics, it’s easy for other elements of a video game production, such as the soundtrack, to go by the wayside. However, I sincerely hope you’ve listened closely to Genshin Impact’s OST, because it’s packed with beautiful, sweeping orchestral pieces, a perfect accompaniment to a bright summer’s day, among other things. Here’s how to listen to the Genshin Impact soundtrack.

How to Listen to the Genshin Impact Soundtrack

As with, well, just about every other game ever made, you could probably find many of the game’s songs scattered here and there around YouTube. If you want to go through official channels to listen to this lovely music, though, then there’s some good news: the official Genshin Impact YouTube channel just released an OST album titled “The Shimmering Voyage.” You can listen to it for free on any YouTube-supported device, though if that’s not to your taste, the OST has also been made available for free listening on Spotify

The OST comprises four discs: “Fairytale of the Isle,” “Blazing Stars,” “Roar of the Formidable,” and “A Stranger’s Sojourn.” Between these four discs are 68 different music tracks, totaling about 1 hour and 45 minutes in length. Here is the Genshin Impact “The Shimmering Voyage” tracklist:

  1. What a Hopeful Voyage
  2. Vast and Blue
  3. Mesmerizing Waves
  4. Journey Into Sweet Dreams
  5. Whispering Seabreeze
  6. Sunshine Beach
  7. Ariel’s Footprints
  8. Melody of Jellyfish
  9. Comforting Quietude
  10. Old Tales Preserved
  11. Cautious Explorers
  12. In Stories of Fading Light
  13. Cozy Company
  14. Reminiscence of the Old Days
  15. Faraway Solicitude

“The Shimmering Voyage” is composed of music from the 1.0 version of the game, so not every track currently available in the game will be in there. However, an official Twitter post has confirmed that most soundtracks are on the way. They’ll also be releasing an OST for “Travail,” the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, and an undetermined point in the future. We just gotta wait until Paimon figures out how the mixing board works.

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