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Genshin Impact Launches Web Event ‘To Ensnare a Prey’ for New Character

This quick mini-game stars Yelan, the game's newest character.
Image via miHoYo

Since she was introduced as an NPC in Genshin Impact, Yelan has become one of the game’s more popular characters. Her mysterious, two-faced nature and unclear identity, not to mention her impeccable sense of style, have made her a standout among the newest characters. With her debut as a playable character coming soon, Genshin Impact is running a new event themed to her to hype players up.

Genshin Impact Launches ‘To Ensnare a Prey’ for New Character

Yelan’s event, titled “To Ensnare a Prey,” is a brief minigame event you can play on the Genshin Impact website. It stars Yelan herself, who’s tasked by an officer of the Ministry of Civil Affairs to find someone who leaked classified information. He’ll provide you with case notes about the suspect, and Yelan will make several deductions of her own. She’ll then meet with a handful of potential suspects, leaving you to take note of what they say and their mannerisms and compare them to the case notes.

Image via miHoYo

Based on what the suspects say, you’ll need to deduce which one is the culprit the officer is looking for. If you can correctly identify the suspect, you’ll clear the game and earn some rewards for your Genshin Impact character. These rewards include Primogems, character ascension materials, and Mora. You can also share the event on your social media to unlock a free Yelan-themed wallpaper.

To Ensnare a Prey will be available for all Genshin Impact players to play from May 26 to May 31, which is also the day the new version, with Yelan made playable, is slated to release. You will need to log into your Hoyoverse account to play the event, and you can only redeem the rewards to one character on your account.

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