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Genshin Impact’s Inquisitive Endora Gadget

Genshin Impact Inquisitive Endora Gadget

The fresh water in Mondstadt has all but gone bitter, and it’s up to you to save the illustrious Dawn Winery from disaster. The story quest “Life Flows On (I)” is only part one of Genshin Impact’s latest event, Wishful Drops. In this event, you’ll team up with a young Oceanid called Endora to capture water creatures in the wild. Here’s everything you need to know about “Endora’s Education” and using the Inquisitive Endora Gadget in Genshin Impact

How to Use Inquisitive Endora in Genshin Impact

Go to your inventory and equip Inquisitive Endora from the Gadgets section. Once equipped, you’ll only be able to activate Endora in specific exploration areas. While the radius of these areas is large, as long as you look near a body of water, you’ll easily find what you’re after: animals made of water. 

When you spot the animals, call upon Endora (press z on pc, press L1+O on PlayStation) to replace your active character’s elemental skill with Endora’s ability to shoot water bubbles. Aim to capture all the water creatures with Endora’s bubbles in the area to complete the quest. 

For the creatures further away, holding the button will increase the distance the spit bubble will go (note you don’t actually have to move your camera to shoot a bubble far away like you would with a charged shot on a bow). 

Limited-Time Rewards

You especially won’t want to miss this event because it’s got a limited-time-only prize for those who participate. There’s a small reward of Primogems and Mora, but the real treasure will come after completing the entire event in a few days. Endora, the young Lochfolk, will permanently be added to your Gadgets inventory, where you can equip and unequip the creature whenever you’d like. 

Equipping Endora after the event won’t have any in-game purpose (as of now), but will result in the spirit following around your character. While it might not seem like much, having a little floating spirit with you on your travels really enhances the overall game experience. And who knows what other exciting creatures you’ll be able to add to your collection in the future!

Using Heart of the Spring

One thing you’ll want to take advantage of with this quest is the special Hearts of the Spring item. Completing an exploration area in “Life Flows On (I)” provides you with a Heart of the Spring that acts as a ticket to participate in “Rhodeia’s Rage.” This special fight (different from the typical Oceanid boss fight some of you may know) features a more aggressive version of Rhodeia. 

The reward is a hefty amount of character experience, which is arguably one of the most limited resources in the game. We highly recommend taking advantage of this free experience, for this reason.

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