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Genshin Impact – How to Complete The Exquisite Night Chimes Event

This really is an exquisite event!
Genshin Impact
Image Via MiHoYo

Paimon here, and guess what, traveler! It’s time for another Genshin Impact event! What do you mean you don’t know what Paimon is talking about? That makes Paimon so sad. Everyone should know about The Exquisite Night Chimes Event! It’s the talk of Liyue! You really don’t know what Paimon is talking about? Alright, listen up, traveler! If you want to complete The Exquisite Night Chimes Event then listen up because Paimon is only going to say it once! Here’s how you can complete The Exquisite Night Chimes Event!

The Exquisite Night Chimes Event Genshin Impact

MiHoYo has released a new event in honor of the Lantern Rite. During this event there will be four different themes known as Radiant Sparks, Paper Theater, Vigilance at Sea, and Behind the Scenes. Each mode requires you to complete tasks in order to receive prizes. Some of the prizes you could win are primogems, coins, and weapon ascension items. In order to complete the event there are a few requirements. The requirements that you need are as followed:

  • Achieve Adventure Rank 28 or higher
  • Complete Archon quest A New Star Approaches
  • Complete Archon quest The Crane Returns on the Wind
  • Yelan’s Story Quest Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act I
  • Please note if you didn’t complete The Crane Returns on the Wind or Yelan’s Quest you can still do event. You need to enter the event through quick start on the event page.

The Exquisite Night Chimes Gameplay Genshin Impact

There are four different gameplay modes you can enter while doing this event. Some of these trials requires you to complete racing, performances, waverider, and defeating opponents. They are incredibly easy to understand and if you’re familiar with how each trial is composed, getting through it, is no problem at all. After you have completed each trial you will be rewarded for your efforts. Let’s talk about how you can defeat the trials by each mode.

Radiant Sparks Mode Genshin Impact

In the Radiant Sparks gameplay mode you are required to perform tasks that revolve around racing. You need to race through this mode to achieve Challenge Coins. Once you’re starting the task you will be asked to pick up Aegis of Sparks so you can perform a special technique. This will help you immensely because it forces you to dash in order to pick up the coins faster. There’s also a jumping portion of the race and thanks to your Firework Fruits ability you can jump high and use your glider to navigate the skies.

Paper Theater Mode Genshin Impact

In this mode you will be asked to complete performances, so actors get ready! You will have the opportunity to move around paper objects that will help you finish the trial. There will be obstacles and traps you need to overcome once you are faced with your opponent Huanguang. All you need to do is move around furniture that will prevent you from moving forward. You can also use a support feature if you need additional help to complete this trial.

Vigilance at Sea Mode Genshin Impact

In this trial you will rely on your waverider to get through obstacles. This is another racing challenge that requires you to use your waverider to collect challenge coins. There are two modes in this trial where you can either team up with players or play by yourself. As you’re playing you have a chance to earn a Prop Lamp technique you can use that will prevent your waverider from experiencing damage. Be careful because if your waverider loses durability you won’t be able to pick up challenge coins or the trial will end and score you accordingly.

Behind the Scenes Mode Genshin Impact

This trial is all about fighting and defeating opponents. All you have to do is head towards enemies on the map and defeat them. Be careful because after you defeat them they can release a shockwave that will deal Pyro damage to your character. Other than that this one is fairly simple and easy to overcome if you have capable characters to use in battle. That’s all you need to know about the different trials for The Exquisite Night Chimes Event!

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