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Genshin Impact: easy to complete hidden achievements in Inazuma

Genshin Impact 2.0 brings tons of new content into the game, including some hidden in-game achievements exclusive to Inazuma. The fact that these are hidden means many players don’t know they exist, so figuring out all the requirements by yourself can be challenging. In this guide, we’ll help you out by explaining how to get a few of the Genshin Impact hidden achievements in Inazuma, including walkthroughs for each one.

Completing achievements is always fun to do in Genshin Impact, particularly for completionists who want to finish everything there is to do in a game. It’s also a good way to earn a few extra Primogems, because who doesn’t want some freebies?

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievements in Inazuma

  1. Who Let the Dogs Out?
  2. Ride the Lightning
  3. Fight Fire with Fire
  4. Paimon’s Lucky Day
  5. Hello, Anyone In Here?
  6. I Hear Thunder

Who Let the Dogs Out?

To complete Who Let the Dogs Out achievement, you need to set Toratarou free from its cage by using a Metal Key. The cage is found on the southeast side of Jinren Island. The island is far north of Narukami Island. 

There are two Metal Keys you can find nearby the cage. If you head west from the cage, you will find a wooden platform with a few boxes on it. Check on top of the boxes for the Metal Key. When you get it, return to Toratarou to open the cage and complete the achievement.

Fight Fire With Fire

To complete the Fight Fire With Fire hidden achievement, you must defeat Kairagi: Fiery Might while their weapon is Pyro-infused. Locate a Kairagi and fight it, but wait until the weapon is fiery. You can usually find these enemies with Nobushi Samurai. You may need to do a bit of damage and then wait a bit for this to happen. When the weapon is Pyro-infused, defeat the enemy to earn the achievement.

Ride the Lightning

Completing Ride the Lightning is similar to the previous achievement. The only difference is you’ll want to find a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder instead. Wait until the weapon is Electro-infused, and then defeat the enemy. We recommend getting the enemy very low health and then waiting for the Electro charge. When it’s active, you can eliminate it and grab the achievement.

Kairagi: Dancing Thunder Ride the Lightning Achievement in Genshin Impact

Paimon’s Lucky Day

To complete Paimon’s Lucky Day, use the Fortune Slip system at the Grand Narukami Shrine. If you can draw a Great Fortune, you will get the Paimon’s Lucky Day achievement. If you’re not sure how this works, simply visit Gendou Ringo near the Sacred Sakura Tree. You can draw one Fortune Slip every day, which rewards a random slip. If you get either the Great Fortune or Great Misfortune, you will unlock the Paimon’s Lucky Day or Just My Luck achievements.

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievements in Inazuma - Paimon's Lucky Day

Hello, Anyone In Here?

If you’ve already done the Ritou Rode quest, you likely have this one complete. However, if you haven’t, then this one is easy to knock off the list. Head to the southern portion of Ritou near the house. There is a secret passageway in the form of a trap door behind the house. Enter it, and you’ll unlock the achivement.

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievements in Inazuma - Hello is Anyone in Here?

I Hear Thunder

To get the I Hear Thunder achievement, all you have to do is get struck by lightning while you’re fighting a Crackling Axe Mitachurl. It doesn’t matter if you eliminate the enemy. You just have to be in battle while the lightning hits. These enemies are the big Electro-infused axe-wielding Mitachurls. Check over at Nazuchi Beach if you can’t find one of these enemies.

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievements in Inazuma - I Hear Thunder

If you want to follow a more in-depth achievement, check out our Simple Tomb locations guide.

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