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What does Gusha Celi Boya mean in Genshin Impact

What does Gusha Celi Boya mean in Genshin Impact

On day four of the Mimi Tomo event, you’ll need to continue your research into the mysterious language of Hilichurls. Luckily, Ella Musk is here with her Handy Handbook to assist with all the translations. If you’re ever unsure about a word, you can usually figure it out by reading through the book. Sometimes, it’s easier to look up the answers, though, and that’s why we made this guide. So, what does Gusha Celi Boya mean in Genshin Impact?

What does Gusha Celi Boya mean in Genshin Impact

Gusha Celi Boya means a red-colored plant in Genshin Impact. It could refer to any number of red items, including a Jueyun Chili or a Tomato, so choose whatever you have in your inventory to give to the Restless Hilichurl. 

According to Ella Musk’s Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian, the word “Boya” is used with specific words to denote colors. Here are all of the Hilichurl words for colors:

  • Celi boya: red
  • Gusha boya: green
  • Lata boya: blue
  • Nini boya: white
  • Nunu boya or Sama boya:black
  • Unu boya: yellow

After you hand over your Tomato or Jueyun Chili to the Restless Hilichurl, it will say, “Mosi mita! Tomo, valo!” You’ll then need to pay a visit to the second Hilichurl, which is in the Wolvendom area. You can teleport to the northwest domain if you want to get there the quickest. The other waypoint will force you to climb up a cliff, and that takes a while.

You might also be wondering about the next mysterious phrase, which is Lata Boya Sada. Check out our guide on that if you want some help. When you finally get to the Unusual Hilichurl and defeat it, you’ll get some Primogems and Mora, along with a Floral Screen Furnishing Blueprint to set up in your Serintea Pot.

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