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Genshin Impact Distant Voyage Web Event Guide

Image: Mihoyo

Mihoyo is back at it again with another Genshin Impact web event. This time around, the event focuses on the game’s latest upcoming character: Kazuha. Players will need to use their crafting skills to assist Kazuha in building a boat by creating individual parts. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Genshin Impact Distant Voyage Kazuha Web Event.

The Genshin Impact Distant Voyage Kazuha Web Event begins on June 24 and ends on July 3, 2021. You’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 10+ to participate in the event.

How to play the Distant Voyage Web Event in Genshin Impact

To play the Distant Voyage Web Event in Genshin Impact, you can visit the official website here. Then, tap on the login button on the top left of your screen, and make sure to select the proper character. After you’ve logged in, you can tap on the center of the screen to begin.

If you are having trouble getting the event to load, make sure your ad blocker like uBlock or turned off. Then, reload the page, and it should load without any issues. We recommend using Google Chrome to play the event.

You will need to craft nine individual boat parts to build a complete ship to complete the event. There are three stages to the Distant Voyage Web Event:

  1. Hull, Bow, Stern
  2. Port Side, Starboard Side, Oar One
  3. Oar Two, Cabin Parts, Figurehead
How to play the Distant Voyage Web Event in Genshin Impact

There’s not much else you need to do other than click the craft button and wait an hour for each part to assemble.

What is the reward for the Distant Voyage Web Event in Genshin Impact?

The reward for completing the Genshin Impact Distant Voyage Web Event is a unique Kazuha mobile wallpaper. You can view what the wallpaper looks like here if you don’t have time to complete the event or have yet to receive the reward.

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