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Where to find Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact

Where to find Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact

Bird Eggs are one of the abundant resources you can utilize in Genshin Impact, however the abundance comes at a cost. Most of the eggs you’ll find are drastically spread out across Teyvat, meaning you’ll have to adventure or teleport around to find them. Follow along to find out everything you’ll need to know about Bird Eggs and where to find them in Genshin Impact!

General Tips to Find Bird Eggs

Here are a few basic things you should know when looking for Bird Eggs:

  • Bird Eggs mostly appear on high ground; in trees, on top of buildings or structures, and on top of mountain peaks.
  • You might find a few Bird Eggs hidden in bushes or crevices on the ground, so really check out your surroundings.

Purchase Bird Eggs

While you won’t be able to buy a lot of Bird Eggs, the character known as Draff (in Springvale) will sell up to 5 eggs each day during the daytime. If you continue to come back daily, the amount of eggs you’ll have overtime will greatly increase, especially when paired with farming them in the wild.

Bird Egg Locations in Genshin Impact

The following section will be split into two areas: Mondstadt and Liyue. Each section will provide a map with the locations of Bird Eggs marked on them. 

Prioritize the locations in red, as they will have 4+ Bird Eggs in each area. The locations marked in yellow typically have 1-2 Bird Eggs per area, so they are of lesser importance when farming, but still useful. 

Bird Egg Locations in Liyue

GenshiN Impact Bird Eggs Liyue 1
Image: Genshin Impact/GamerJournalist – Bird Egg Locations in Liyue

There is one location in particular you should pay attention to in Liyue. The best spot to get Bird Eggs (in the game) is at a mountain peak in Huaguang Stone Forest. This peak is circled in neon green on the map below, and has a yellow star to indicate the specific peak you should visit. 

GenshiN Impact Bird Eggs Liyue 2
Image: Genshin Impact/GamerJournalist – Bird Egg Locations in Liyue

Bird Egg Locations in Mondstadt

GenshiN Impact Bird Eggs Mondstadt 1
Image: Genshin Impact/GamerJournalist – Bird Egg Locations in Mondstadt

Besides purchasing Bird Eggs from Draff, here are some other locations in Mondstadt that will help you stock up on this ingredient!

What to Use Bird Eggs for in Genshin Impact?

Some of the best food dishes in Genshin Impact require Bird Eggs as an ingredient. The most useful among these include: Moon Pie, Fullmoon Egg, Golden Crab, and Lotus See and Bird Egg Soup

They are also used to make Tea Break Pancakes, and if you have Noelle she has a chance at cooking a special version of these pancakes called Lighter-Than-Air Pancakes. In addition to reviving a character, this special dish also heals an extra 15% of maximum HP plus 550 HP. 

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