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Genshin Impact: Azhdaha Battle Guide

Azhdaha Battle Guide for Genshin Impact

Azhdaha is guaranteed to be one of the more difficult battles you will encounter in Genshin Impact’s version 1.5. He is brutal, unrelenting, and full of rage; paired with his ginormous size, Azhdaha’s attacks will do massive damage. According to this Geo dragon, “There’s no atonement for a thousand years of pain.” It seriously shows during this fight, too.

If you’re looking to give yourself an upper hand, try using some of the advice below. In this guide, we provide some simple (yet useful) battle tips, a breakdown of the fight with Azhdaha, and suggest the best characters to use.

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Battle Notes and Tips

  1. Keep your distance to avoid several of Azhdaha’s attacks. Run towards the edges of the arena to safeguard yourself during low-health moments.
  2. Ranged weapons like Bows and Catalysts will be best for staying alive. That said, Claymores will also hit the “Sealed Lord of Vishaps” for substantial damage.
  3. Expect Azhdaha to burrow into the ground like a land shark. While this is not an outright attack, it does give him the chance to readjust and possibly do damage to a nearby character as he resurfaces.
  4. Stand your ground. You will have plenty of opportunities to strike Azhdaha, however, you won’t ever want to be caught off guard in this fight. This boss primarily focuses on disrupting your attacks with his own powerful attacks. If you lose your footing, prepare for Azhdaha to unleash his fury. For this reason, make sure you’re utilizing Zhongli’s shield (hold Elemental Skill to activate).
  5. Bring a shield-boosting food dish, such as Moon Pies or Woodland Dreams.

Breakdown of Azhdaha’s Boss Fight

  1. Ground Pound and Geo Shockwaves – Azhdaha will stomp the ground once and cause a number of Geo shockwaves to pulsate from one of his front legs. 
  2. Body Slam and Earthquakes – One jump from this Geo beast is enough to demolish your active character, without even factoring in the earthquakes that follow. If you notice Azhdaha jump up, run away and try to put as much distance between you as possible.
  3. Enraged Stomps – Azhdaha consistently cries out in anger while stomping the ground 5 times, and finishing with an earth-shaking slam. Every strike to the ground sends out a burst of Geo energy, with the last attack being the most powerful. Zhongli’s shield is a life-saver for this attack in particular. 
  4. Tail Strike and Geo Thorns – Striking the ground with his tail, Azhdaha summons thorn-like Geo structures that burst upward from the earth. As long as you’re not oriented behind the boss, this attack will not affect you much.
  5. Burrow and Meteor Strike – At some point, Azhdaha will descend into the earth. Usually he will just swim around a bit and then resurface. However, if you notice yellow, circular patterns on the ground it means large rocks or meteors will begin falling from above. It will be easy to dodge these, but don’t let yourself get distracted because it lasts a while!
  6. Geo Missiles – Azhdaha shoots out 4 projectiles that will target your character. Once they land, the missiles will wait a few seconds before exploding outward. 
  7. Spin Attack – With the power of a mountain, Azhdaha will spin around quickly. If you’re hit by his large tail without a protective shield, you will fly backwards. 
  8. Charging Horn Attack – Azhdaha will leap towards you and fling his horns upward. 

Best Characters for Azhdaha

Due to his powerful shield and Elemental Burst, Zhongli is undoubtedly the best character to use against Azhdaha. Thankfully, even if you don’t own Zhongli, you are able to use a trial version of him for this fight. 

Below are a few more character suggestions to make the battle easier. 

 5-Star Characters

  • Xiao
  • Ganyu
  • Klee
  • Diluc

4-Star Characters

  • Chongyun
  • Noelle
  • Beidou
  • Diona

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