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Genshin Impact: A Cat’s Gift Achievement Guide

Learn how to obtain the hidden achievement, A Cat's Gift, in Genshin Impact!
Cat Gift Achievement Genshin Impact

There are many hidden achievements in Genshin Impact, and some of them require specific recipes that you can only get from very long quest chains. We’ll be looking at one such example in this post, which involves Neko the Cat and other felines around Inazuma. This guide will walk you through the steps to get A Cat’s Gift Achievement in Genshin Impact.

The process for getting this achievement involves completing five world quests, and an additional secret step. You can only do one quest per day, so you’ll need a few days to fully complete this one. Adjusting your in-game clock to start a new day between each step has no effect. 

How to get A Cat’s Gift Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact

To unlock A Cat’s Gift hidden achievement in Genshin Impact, you must complete a five-day world quest from Neko the cat. The quest takes place at the Asase Shrine in Seirai Island. You can only obtain and complete one quest each day, so you’ll need five days to complete it. You’ll obtain a special recipe for an Invigorating Kitty Meal, which will need to be given to a kitten near Koseki Village.

Neko the Cat Location Genshin Impact

Neko is a Cat: Offering Box

The process begins by teleporting to Asase Shrine in western Amakumo Peak. There, you’ll need to find and speak with Neko. You will obtain the “Neko is a Cat: Offering Box” world quest. You’ll need to complete a few simple tasks that involve cleaning dirt around the Asase Shrine. You can use Anemo or Hydro characters to complete this.

A Cat Gift Achievement - Genshin Impact - Neko is a Cat

After cleaning the four piles of dirt around the house, speak with Neko again. Return to Asase Shrine waypoint and speak with Neko again on the following day.

Neko is a Cat: Wooden Box

You’ll need to investigate a nearby Prayer Rack for the Neko is a Cat: Wooden Rack quest. Follow the path toward the marker, and repair the Prayer Rack. Return and speak with Neko again. 

Neko is a Cat: The Children

On the third day, speak with Neko to pick up Neko is a Cat: The Children. You will have three minutes to find two cats, but the timer resets back to three minutes after finding the first one. Hachihou is southwest of the shrine at the beach. The other cat, Konbumaru, is in a tree east of the shrine. You’re looking for the large tree trunk, and you’ll find the kitten sitting inside it on the top.

Neko is a Cat: Shrine Recipe

On the fourth day, you can pick up Neko is a Cat: Shrine Recipe. For this one, you’ll need to speak with Taisuke and Eiko. They are only a few steps away, so go talk to them, and they will lead you to Anna in Inazuma City. 

You can follow the quest markets in case you’re lost, but Kiminami Anna is the owner of the Kiminami Restaurant. You will need to obtain and give 3 Seagrass to Anna in exchange for a new recipe called “Invigorating Kitty Meal.” Use the stove next to the shop to make three of these dishes before reporting back to Neko.

Next, you’ll have to feed the Delicious Invigorating Kitty Meal to three kittens around the shrine. These are all marked on the minimap and are only a short distance away from the shrine. Return to Neko to finish up the quest with some more dialog.

Neko is a Cat: Cat and Stone

On the fifth and final day of this quest chain, speak with Neko once again to obtain Neko is a Cat: Cat and Stone. Go over to Eiko and Taisuko and speak with them, and they will lead you to speak with artisan Ooshima Junpei at Tatarasuna. Speak with him to finish the quest. 

We’re almost done—it’s time to get the hidden achievement!

Hidden Achievement: A Cat’s Gift

Fast travel to the waypoint east of Koseki Village. Go northeast of the waypoint, and look for the stone formation that looks like a paw. There, you’ll find a small kitten. Feed it an Invigorating Kitty Meal, and then return the next day. You will notice the kitten move to the next stone. 

Repeat this process each day for all four stones, and you will unlock a secret Precious Chest and the hidden Genshin Impact achievement called A Cat’s Gift! 

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