Genshin Impact 1.5 Leaks: Character Quests and Hangout Events

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has been steadily adding new content for the popular action role-playing gacha game. Earlier this month, we saw the launch of update 1.4, which features the Invitation of Windblume event and the four-star Cryo character Rosaria. New items like a five-star bow and a few four-star weapons also made their way into the game, plus a few new gadgets, recipes, and monsters. So, what else does miHoYo have in store for us? Here are the Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks we’ve gathered so far, including some new characters, events, and possibly even a new Traveler element.

Be warned, this article contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to know which characters’ quests are coming, or what content might be in the next patch, turn back now.

Genshin Impact 1.5 Leaks

miHoYo is working hard on releasing their next major update, version 1.5, which will include new hangout events, character quests, and potentially a few new characters. Another traveler vision, Electro, is also potentially in the works. The abundance of leaks in the last few has resulted in the Genshin Impact beta being suspended until further notice.

Hangout Events

The popular Hangout events continue with Noelle and Diona.

Noelle’s Hangout

  • Studious Maid
  • Journey to Liyue
  • Tenacity of the Millelith
  • A Knight’s Journey Through Liyue
  • Adventurers’ Entrance Exam
  • Noelle Rides Out
  • Substitute Acting Grand Master Noelle
  • Noelle the Intelligence Operative

Diona’s Hangout

  • The Cat’s Tail’s Bartender
  • The Art of Finding Cats
  • A Special Base Drink
  • The Shadow Over Dadaupa
  • Samachurl Herbal Soup
  • Special Cocktailing Condiments
  • Exchanging Pointers

Character Quests

There are a few character specific questlines for Eula, Zhongli, and Diona.

Eula Act I: The Spray Shall Never Return to the Sea

  • Shadow of the Past
  • Speech and Etiquette
  • Through the Motions, to the Heart

Zhongli Act II: Historia Antiqua

  • Strange Sights, Stolen Souls
  • Truth in the Stones
  • Shifting Earth and Lost Threads Come to Light
  • Amidst Chaos, the Rock Is Unmoved

The update marks the first time we’ve seen an Act II character story quest. While all of this is speculative leaks via Honey, there’s a good chance Zhongli makes a return due to the connections with the new weekly boss.

Electro Traveler

A Twitter user, Lumie, also showcases a short sneak peek of what the new Electro Traveler will look like. Currently, the Traveler only has access to Anemo and Geo elements. We have nothing to confirm this is a work-in-progress for update 1.5, but it’s got us pretty excited.