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Final Fantasy XIV – How to Get the Vexed Emote

how to get the Vexed emote in Final Fantasy XIV
Image via Square Enix

In the same vein as emojis in a chat room or forum, character emotes are a handy way of expressing yourself in an online game. After all, there are some feelings you simply can’t convey through a text chat. If the people you play MMOs with are anything like the ones I play with, you probably find yourself in a vexed mood frequently, which is what the Vexed emote in Final Fantasy XIV is for. Here’s how to get the Vexed emote in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Vexed emote is given to you as a reward for completing a particular quest, titled “A Token of Thanks.” This quest is located in the Manderville Lounge at Gold Saucer, but before you can start it, you need to have completed a prior quest, “The Great Horn Heist.” Lucky for you, we’ve covered how to complete that quest, and you can find our guide on it right here.

How to get the Vexed Emote in Final Fantasy XIV

After you complete “The Great Horn Heist,” the NPC you worked with for that quest, Ollier, will promise you a reward. To get that reward in gear, speak to another NPC hanging out near Ollier named Stern Saucer Attendant. This attendant will point you in the right direction for “A Token of Thanks,” named as such because it’s a token of thanks for your help with the horn heist.

You’ll get a map waypoint directing you to an NPC named Grege. You’ll find him at the main counter of Gold Saucer’s Entrance Square. Despite “A Token of Thanks” being a quest in name, it’s really more of a quick chat. You don’t need to actually do anything for Grege, just have a quick discussion with him, and he’ll give you your reward: the Vexed emote. Quest done, emote obtained.

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